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1 January 2016
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1 January 2016

Women in Business Operation

Measure 1.1.
Operation Name Women in Business Programme (WİB)
Implementation Period 20.12.2013 - 31.12.2017
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Beneficiary Institution Turkish Employment Agency (İŞKUR)
Components and Budgets Direct Grant - € 36.179.124
Aim of Operation and Outputs

Within the scope of Women's Business Operation, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) signed a direct grant agreement with a total amount of approximately EUR 38 million. Implemented all across Turkey, in 48-month operation is completed in December 2017. Execution period will continue until 2021.

With this operation, it is aimed that SMEs in which women are owned or in managerial positions growing and in this way with the aim of increasing employment, providing advantages and appropriate conditional loan through participating financial instructions and financial institutions participating and the creation of women-oriented credit mechanisms in Turkey and providing technical support for through participating financial instructions for the necessary infrastructure works. As a result of this cooperation with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), a credit guarantee fund of EUR 30 million was set up Euros in this context EBRD will allocate 300 million and within the scope of the project, in our country a loan pool will be established using by the banks signed protocol in order to support entrepreneurial women. Thanks to the approximately 38 million Euros provided by the Presidency, 10% of each PFI sub loan portfolio provided has been covered by EBRD and by these two factors, it is aimed to create more advantageous credit conditions for women entrepreneurs by changing the risk calculations of banks.

The EBRD has distributed a total of 17,571 loans of EUR 286.1 million to QNB Finansbank, TEB, Garanti Bank, Vakıfbank and İş Bank. In addition, within the scope of the EBRD program, 13,622 women benefited from outreach activities, 2.289 women entrepreneurs completed the business lens questionnaire, 657 women trained through entrepreneurial skills development courses. (38 Women in Business workshops implemented), 244 women-led enterprises supported with advisory projects through local consultants, 96 women-led enterprises assisted with on-going business coaching, 80 women-led enterprises assisted through the mentoring programme,12 women-led enterprises supported with advisory projects through international advisers, 21 local business advisors trained in providing on-going business coaching through webinars. Approximately 400 businesses owned or managed by women benefited from local and international consultancy, coaching and mentoring services within the scope of the operation.