Promoting Social Inclusion at Densely Roma Populated Areas (SIROMA)
1 January 2017
Operation for Improving Adaptability of Employers and Employees in TR33 Region
1 January 2017

Technical Assistance for Increasing Adaptability of Tradesmen and Craftsmen (ADAPTESK)

Name of the Operation Increasing Adaptability Of Tradesmen And Craftsmen (ADAPTESK)
Implementation Period 31.07.2015 -31.08.2017
Web address of Project
Beneficiary Institution Confederation of Turkish Tradesmen and Craftsmen
Components and Budgets Service € 5.994.728
Supply € 536.080
Aim of Operation and Outputs

Within the scope of the operation, it is aimed to improve the adaptability of the workers and employers through the activities that constitute the investment in human capital.

Operations in total for the Republic of Turkey and the European Union co-financing of 6.5 million euros have been provided.

Processes related to the supply component of the operation were completed in July 2017.

The technical assistance of the operation was started on 31 July 2015 and completed in August 2017. Within the scope of the project, activities were carried out in an intensive program aimed at tradesmen and craftsmen in 8 different provinces (Ankara, Bursa, Ordu, Erzurum, Gaziantep, Şanlıurfa, Manisa, Mersin). The focus of the project activities has been on personal and professional development of tradesmen and craftsmen through general and sectoral training.

In total, 3.954 people attended workshops, seminars and meetings organized in the Operation (744 from provincial guidance seminars, 877 from provincial dissemination workshops, 642 from information meetings, 385 from regional working group meetings, 65 from policy group meetings, 83 from the international workshop and 1.158 from leadership summits).

1.684 TESK and chambers’ staff were trained in specific areas such as relationship between vocational training and employability and personal development programmes including communication skills, good management skills and social skills.

General trainings within the scope of the project are carried out in the fields of entrepreneurship, sales/marketing, communication, customer satisfaction, business development, environmental protection, professional ethics and e-commerce. etc. for businesses, food, such as areas are arranged. 24.491 tradesman and craftsman participated in these trainings. Around 2300 citizens were mobilized within the scope of the project activities. In addition, the meetings of “Leaders of Local Economy and Social Partners” were organized with the participation of approximately 1120 people in the target provinces.

Within the scope of the project, a model was established by providing support to approximately 2 million tradesmen and craftsmen and increasing the employment capacity by providing training centers (Training and Consultancy Centers - EDMs) to receive service from tradesmen and craftsmen.

Within the scope of the project activities, trainings were given to the personnel of professional organizations in order to ensure effective coordination and sustainability. These trainings included areas such as personnel training, executive training, national occupational standards, qualification development and accreditation.

A website for the project ( has been made accessible to the tradesmen and craftsman and the content related to general and sectoral trainings has been made available from the site. This situation is a point of connection extending from the tradition of Ahilik tradition to the future for our tradesmen and craftsmen.