Growing and Prospering the Entrepreneurship Ecosystem in Ankara to Increase Young Employment Operation (ECOSYSTEM)
1 January 2016
Promoting Youth Employment Operatıon-1
1 January 2016

Improving Social Integration and Employability of Disadvantaged Persons

Name of the Operation Improving Social Integration and Employability of Disadvantaged Persons
Implementation Period 14.01.2016 -13.09.2017
Web address of the Project
Beneficiary Institution Ministry of Labour and Social Security General Directorate of Labour
Components and Budgets Service € 1.500.000,00
Grant € 22.063.419
Aim of Operation and Outputs

The operation aims to support the sustainable integration of the disadvantaged persons into the labour market through the establishment of a new model. Operation includes guidance and counselling services, rehabilitation, vocational training and active labour market programs for disadvantaged groups like roman citizens, ex-convicts, drug addicts, etc. The service contract was signed on January 2016. Within the scope of the Service Project, Awareness Raising Meeting was held on January 26th 2017 in Ankara with the participation of 305 people. Awareness Raising and Communication Strategy was prepared and 3 short films were ready for broadcasting. Cultural activities was organized in Edirne and Gaziantep and Closing Conference of Project was held on 24.08.2017 with the participation of 500 people. Training programme in İzmir and Şanlıurfa was organized with the participation of 312 people to the civil society organizations (CSOs) operating actively in the field of the operation as to increase their institutional capacities Social media accounts and web site were developed and mapping strategy, 3 social inclusion maps were prepared. A comprehensive Labour Force Tendency Survey was performed for 3 disadvantaged groups (working disabled persons, working ex-prisoners, ex-convicts, convicts, prisoners, working children and their parents) in 16 provinces with the participation of 4194 face-to-face interviews and the result of the survey was disseminated in Ankara, Ordu, Urfa.

Within the scope of the grant component, totally 2211 applications were received and 141 Grant Contracts were signed on 20.10.2016 with a signing ceremony. The commencement date for the implementation period of the subject contracts was 01.11.2016. Within the scope of the grant projects 23.004 disadvantaged people have participated or directed to public employment, guidance, counselling and rehabilitation services. Totally 922 activities were held for the elimination of stereotypes and prejudices against disadvantaged persons and 27.554 disadvantaged people have accessed to services as a result of the grant proejcts and 7.210 disadvantaged persons entered into the labour market as a result of the services provided in grant projects.