Promoting Youth Employment in TRC3 Region (PYETRC3)
18 July 2019
Institutional Capacity Building for the Implementation of Employment, Education and Social Policies Sectoral Operational Programme (EESP SOP) under IPA-II
18 July 2019
Promoting Youth Employment in TRC3 Region (PYETRC3)
18 July 2019
Institutional Capacity Building for the Implementation of Employment, Education and Social Policies Sectoral Operational Programme (EESP SOP) under IPA-II
18 July 2019

Renewable Youth Energy Operation (RE-YOU)

Action /Activity:

Action II: Education and Training
Activity II.III: Strengthening the vocational qualifications system, LLL and adaptability

Title of the Operation:

Renewable Youth Energy Operation

Operation Number:


Implementation Period:

05.08.2020-05.04.2024(to be extended)

Operation Beneficiary:

South Marmara Development Agency
Partner Universities: Balıkesir University and Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University

Website / Social Media Accounts:
@reyouproject in Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin and Youtube

Interventions and Estimated Results:

Overall objective of the Operation is to develop national qualifications system, lifelong learning (LLL) strategies.

- Specific Objective: attract and retain more young people in employment at renewable energy sector by improving educational and vocational training opportunities and strengthening the linkage between formal training and labour market in South Marmara region
- to improve LLL capacity of the Region

Target groups:

- 480 young unemployed people between 18-29 ages graduated from engineering, technical and science faculties, relevant two year technical degree programmes (such as electricity and energy, electronic technology, electronic and automation, machine etc.) and relevant fields.

- Continuing Education Centers, Career and Counselling Units, Distant Learning Centers and Universities.

- Staff of Continuing Education Centers, Career and Counselling Units, Distant Learning Centers and Universities.

- Employers and employees of the companies in renewable energy sector.

Areas of Intervention

- Intervention I: Services and Trainings for target persons
- Intervention II: Institutional Capacity Building
- Intervention III: Awareness Raising
- Intervention IV: Scientific and Technical Studies
- Intervention V: Coordination and Cooperation Mechanisms

Location: Balıkesir, Çanakkale, İzmir, İstanbul, Ankara, Bursa, Antalya, Konya, Manisa, Kocaeli and Tekirdağ

Expected outputs:

• 480 young unemployed people constituting the target group will participate to trainings (Renewable energy trainings will be organised for the young people in the fields of wind, photovoltaic and biogas in line with the National Occupational Standards and National Qualifications announced by the VQA), they will be tested and certified

• 120 students will participate in national/ international programmes

• 100 staff members from relevant institutions will participate to trainings

• 30 staff will participate in national and international programmes

• 2 Universities will be authorized by TURKAK and VQA accreditation for becoming Authorized Certification Bodies in the field of reneawable energy.

• The 2 Universities (Operation Partners) will be accredited by GWO

• 5000 persons will be accessed through campaigns/ events

• “South Marmara Renewable Energy Labour Market Analysis Report” will be designed.

• For increasing the awareness on renewable energy, 10 workshops and conferences will be organised.

Implementation period is 36 months.

There is also a supply component under the Operation. It is aimed to provide the Operation Beneficiary institution and Partner Universities with equipment in the area of renewable energy and also with technical equipment to be utilized during trainings.

Current Situation:
(As of April 2024)


Intervention 1.1: Delivering renewable energy system trainings to trainees

• Trainee Selection Criteria Workshop was conducted in order to identify general and specific requirements for applicants related to the 3 Renewable Energy areas.

• Curricula and detailed course schedules have been prepared by the Technical Assistance Team in line with the requirements of the ToR and the framework set out in the Technical Proposal.

• An Online Application Tool was developed and launched on 15 December 2022. Applications to RE-YOU Training Programme were collected through this Online Application Tool.

• Training programme in Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University started on 24 April 2024.

• Training programme in Balıkesir University started on 3 July 2023.

• Training programmes at both universities were successfully completed (COMU: 11 August 2023; BAUN: 6 October 2023).


Intervention 1.2: Career-Oriented Courses

• Training programme in Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University started on 24 April 2024.

• Training programme in Balıkesir University started on 3 July 2023.

• Training programmes at both universities were successfully completed (COMU, 11 August 2023; BAUN, 6 October 2023).


Intervention 1.3: Electric Power Flow Facilities- EKAT Trainings

• In close communication and cooperation with EÜAŞ and TEDAŞ, studies for designing and implementing the EKAT trainings are ongoing.

• As a result of the applications for the training program, it has been determined that the number of trainees eligible to receive EKAT Trainings will be below 240. Studies have been conducted with reference to reaching the target number by offering the training to external participants, and thereby ensuring that RE-YOU trainees benefit from the service provided and the target group of the project is expanded.

• 240 people have attended the EKAT trainings and the activity has been completed.


Intervention 1.4: Arranging Internship Opportunities for Trainees

• Necessary database structure and relevant documents/questionnaires to be used for data collection during the site visits have been prepared.

• Company visits have been started. The starting phase of the visits was planned in Ankara and was implemented on a pilot scale. Based on the visits, the data collection documents were reviewed and updated.

• Some of the leading companies in the RE sector were visited in order to be informed about the sector and for the arrangements about site visits.

• Legal obstacles regarding the implementation of the activity (the fact that graduates cannot be hired as interns) have been reported by Technical Assistance Team to the Operation Beneficiary.

• Letters from companies confirming the legal obstacles in front of implementing the activity were transmitted

. • Studies have been conducted for a number of re-arrangements to offer 1 month of employment instead of 2 months of internship which cannot be done due to legal obstacles.

• The employment option is regarded as no more feasible considering the remaining time of implementation and the availability of companies. The Contractor worked on an alternative proposal that would increase the employability of RE-YOU Trainees.

• The online training program proposed by the Contractor was not accepted by the Contracting Authority. A new proposal that would allow the trainees to gain job experience in a way that is possible within the framework of the effective legislation on internship was requested.

• The internship program will be implemented from July to October 2024.


Intervention 1.5: Providing Job Search Assistance Service to trainees

• Job Search Assistance services has been delivered in parallel with the ongoing training programmes in Çanakkale and Balıkesir. All trainees are supported through seminars and one-to-one meetings and they are supported in preparing CVs, letters of intent and personality tests in English and Turkish. In addition, students also come together with leading private companies for further job opportunities.


Intervention 1.6: Organizing Career Days

• Career Days were organized in Çanakkale (11 August 2023) and in Balıkesir (6 October 2023). Intervention 1.7: Participation in Fairs and Congresses


Intervention 1.7: Participation in Fairs and Congresses

• A total of 138 people, including the representatives from the Operation Beneficiary, Partner Universities and the most successful trainees from Balıkesir and Çanakkale participated to fairs and congresses that were organized in November and December 2023.


Intervention 2.1: Developing the curricula and the textbooks of renewable energy systems trainings and career-oriented courses

• General outline of the curricula and relevant experts for sub-module developing for wind, biogas, photovoltaic and career-oriented courses have been defined and the feedback of academia, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and private sector has been collected through the workshops that have been organized, respectively, on 3 November 2021, 17 February 2022, 3 March 2022, 17 November 2022, 18 November 2022, 19 November 2022 and 20 November 2022.

• Lead experts were mobilized for each field (wind, biogas, photovoltaic and career development). Curricula development teams were mobilized in the field of wind, biogas, photovoltaic and careers under the guidance of Key Experts and the expert profiles were determined accordingly.

• Within the scope of the directives prepared by the Key Experts, the relevant experts have developed the relevant modules/chapters for wind, biogas, photovoltaic and career-oriented courses. In total, 7 course books have been prepared and distributed to trainees.

• The team of experts prepared Power Point presentations, lab exercises and other course materials to be used during the trainings.

• The Wind, Biogas and Photovoltaic teams have visited Balıkesir and Çanakkale to see the equipment in the Partner Universities and to organize technical meetings with the relevant committees.

• Upon the request of the universities, the Contractor is currently working on laboratory exercises for the laboratory equipment which will not be used in the VQA examinations.

• The books have been translated into English. The English versions will be printed in June 2024.


Intervention 2.2: Capacity Development for CECs and CCUs

• The training programme was held in November in Balıkesir and Çanakkale separately.


Intervention 2.3: Adaptation of the renewable energy systems trainings and career-oriented courses to e-learning system

• Both partner Universities were visited by the experts in September 2022 to discuss their comments and expectations regarding the adaptation of prepared content with the e-learning systems.

• The developed prototype was shared with the universities and the Operation Beneficiary. Both universities have approved the prototypes via e-mail.

• A meeting was held with both universities to discuss the attained progress and to plan further studies.

• Team of experts continue uploading the training materials to the e-learning portal.

• E-Learning Portal has been developed and submitted to Balıkesir University. Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University will also receive the portal upon completing the necessary studies within the University.


Intervention 2.4: Continuing Education Centers will apply to TÜRKAK and VQA for becoming Authorized Certification Body

• Workshops regarding revision of current National Occupational Standards and National Qualifications in the field of Wind and Biogas were conducted with the participation of sector representatives and Partner Universities.

• National Occupational Standards for Level – 5 Wind and Biogas Power Facilities Personnel, prepared as part of the Operation, have been approved by the VQA and officially announced on the Institution’s website.

• 20 staff members from Partner Universities have participated to VQA and TÜRKAK trainings and they have received certificates.

• For Partner Universities, pre-approval process for VQA authorization has been completed.

• Online and face-to-face capacity building trainings were organized for accreditation teams at Partner Universities.

• Test Item Banks and scenarios have been developed and shared with Partner Universities in line with VQA’s rules on confidentiality.

• TÜRKAK Audits were successfully completed in both universities and minor revisions were requested. The revisions were addressed with the help of the Technical Assistance Team.

• Balıkesir University was accredited by TÜRKAK on 14 December 2023.

• Accreditation process of Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University is still ongoing.

• Balıkesir University has been authorized by VQA and has started to conduct VQA examinations.


Intervention 2.5.1: Providing GWO Trainings to Trainees

• A total of 147 people have received GWO BST Trainings.


Intervention 2.5.2: Continuing Education Centers to become GWO training providers

• Gap Analyses for the GWO Accreditation process were conducted separately in Partner Universities.

• Gap Analysis Reports were shared with Partner Universities.

• Under the guidance of the Technical Assistance Team, all procedures regarding GWO accreditation have been completed and both Universities have been accredited by the GWO.

• Training for accreditation of University staff by the GWO as certified trainers have been completed.

• All accreditation processes have been completed and the activity is closed.


Intervention 2.6: Study Visits

• Two study visits have been conducted with 18 participants. The first study visit took place on 19-25 June 2023 in Germany and the second study visit took place on 25 September – 1 October 2022 in Denmark and Germany.

• The last study visit was held in Germany between 28 January-2 February 2024 with a total of 12 participants from the Operation Beneficiary, the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources and Partner Universities.


Intervention 2.7: Training of Staff of Relevant Institutions

• The training programme in Balıkesir was organized on 23-24-25 and 24-25-26 October 2023. The training programme in Çanakkale was organized on 6-7-8 and 7-8-9 November 2023.


Intervention 2.8: Training of Trainers

• The activity was completed between 11-15 September 2023.


Intervention 3.1: Organizing awareness raising meetings with the participation of employers in the renewable energy sector

• 1st Awareness Raising Meeting was conducted in Çanakkale on 23rd March 2022 with 51 participants. 2nd Awareness Raising Meeting was conducted in Balıkesir on 15th December 2022 with 74 participants.


Intervention 3.2: Opening Conference

• The Opening Conference was held on 19.01.2022 as face-to-face in Balıkesir and also via videoconference, with the participation of a total of 239 representatives.


Intervention 3.3: Public Briefing Meetings

• The first Public Briefing Meeting was organized on 16 January 2023 in Ankara with 360 participants. • The second Public Briefing Meeting was organized on 20 September 2023 in Balıkesir.


Intervention 3.4: Production of the Spot Films

• Website of the Operation has been launched and it is regularly updated. (

• First spot film with 20-seconds was shot in Balıkesir.

• The spot film is being broadcasted on various channels to increase Operation’s visibility and to enhance interest in the training programme.

• Scenarios for the second spot film and the training videos were approved by the OB.

• Second spot film was submitted to the Operation Beneficiary for approval. In line with the feedback, the necessary additional shooting will be completed, and the revised film will be submitted for approval accordingly.

• Training videos were submitted to OB for approval.


Intervention 3.5: Preparation, Design and Distribution of Visibility and Audio-Visual Materials

• 5.000 visibility kits have been prepared, designed and produced to be used in activities under the Operation.

• Additional visibility items have been prepared, designed and produced for the Opening Conference and Study Visits.

• Printing of books and other training materials has been completed.


Intervention 4.1. Preparation of “The South Marmara Renewable Energy Employment Market Analysis” Report

• Preliminary data for the Report have been collected under the site visits realized with the context of Intervention 1.4 Internships.

• A report regarding desktop studies and preliminarily data from site visits, including data collection tools to be used during the research, was prepared and submitted to the Operation Beneficiary.

• The report containing all the data and qualitative assessments was completed and submitted to the Operation Beneficiary in September 2022.

• The report was approved and it is currently being printed.

• The outputs of the report were shared with the stakeholders in the “Public Briefing Event” organized in Ankara (January 2023) and Balıkesir (September 2023).


Intervention 5.1: Organizing workshops with social partners and academics

• Curricula Workshops for Wind, Biogas, Photovoltaic and Career-Oriented Courses have been organized, respectively, on 3rd November 2021, 17th February 2022, 3rd March 2022, 17th November 2022, 18th November 2022, 19th November 2022 and 20th November 2022. Outcome reports were prepared and shared with the relevant parties.

• Trainee Selection Workshop was organized on 22nd March 2022 and an outcome was shared with the relevant parties.

• Renewable Energy Investments on Labour Market Workshops were held on 11th May 2022 and 21 November 2022.

• All workshops under this intervention have been organized and 580 participants attended the workshops.


Intervention 5.2: Regional Conferences

• The first Regional Conference was organized in July 2023 in Balıkesir. The Second Regional Conference was organized in Çanakkale on 14 November 2023.

The provisional and final acceptance procedures of all the six Lots under the supply component have been completed.