Promoting Youth Employment Operatıon-1
1 January 2016
Improving The Quality Of Public Employment Services-1
1 January 2016

Promoting Registered Employment Through Innovative Measures-1


  • Measure 1.3: To promote registered employment
  • Operation: Promoting Registered Employment through Innovative Measures
  • Operation Beneficiary: Social Security Institution(Operational Agreement signed on 08.10.2009)
  • Total Budget: € 13.1 Million (including national contribution of 15 %)
  • Location: 12 NUTS-II Regions - 43 Provinces and Ankara
  • Components: Service - Supply - Grant
  • Budgets by Components: Service: € 2.3 Million - Supply: € 424 Thousand - Grant: € 10.5 Million
  • Operation Web Site:



    Specific Objectives:

  • Improving capacity of SSI, relevant institutions and social partners to promote registered employment
  • Establishing a trainer corps to conduct future internal training of the SSI staff
  • Increasing co-ordination and co-operation between SSI and other relevant ministries
  • Identifying, developing and testing models for inter-ministerial cooperation
  • Developing new common database for cross institutional use
  • Increasing awareness at national and regional level about the importance of registered employment and social security
  • Conducting field studies, producing labour market analysis, and describing the structures of unregistered employment in required regions/ sectors
  • Disseminating the results of the grant projects at national and regional level


    Specific Objectives:

  • Equipping SSI Provincial Directorates in order to deliver services promoting registered employment

  • The equipment to be supplied in this scope is organised under 3 lots:
    -Lot 1: Office furniture and equipment
    -Lot 2: IT equipment, hardware and software
    -Lot 3: Communications and duplication equipment


    Specific Objectives:

  • To facilitate formalisation process by “promoting for magnifying formal employment/ minimizing informal employment by enabling the regional / local society innovative actions to find and implement effective ways and methods to promote registered employment.

  • Number of Supported Projects: 41
    Period of Implementation: July 2010–December 2011