Increasing the Policy Making Capacity of Directorate General of International Labour Force in the Field of Labour Migration-
14 October 2019
EuropeAid/162207/ID/ACT/TR Improving Occupational Health and Safety (IOHS) Grant Scheme
15 October 2019

Promoting Decent Future of Work Approach with a Focus of Gender Equality (FoW)

Action /Activity:

Action I: Employment
Activity I.III: Supporting Employment Policy-making and Implementation (Service Component)
Avtivity I.II: Promoting Employment and Employability (Grant Component)

Title of the Operation:

Promoting Decent Future of Work Approach with a Focus of Gender Equality (FoW)

Operation Number:


Implementation Period:

Service component: 01.02.2021 – 31.07.2023

Operation Beneficiary:

Department of Employment Policies (DEP) of the General Directorate of Labour (DG Labour) in the MoLSS

Website / Social Media Accounts:

Twitter: @geleceginIsleri
Instagram: Geleceginisleri

Interventions and Estimated Results:

The overall objective of the Operation is to enhance policy-making and implementation capacity of MoLSS and to promote participation to the labour market with a focus on women’s employment. Base of the operation is Ankara.

The Operation has a 40-months service component and a 12-months grant component.

Target groups:

Service Component:
• Staff of DEP, MoLSS and relevant stakeholders,
• Staff of relevant social partners,
• Staff of relevant Non-governmental organisations (NGOs)

Grant Component (indicatively):
• Non-governmental organisations (NGOs),
• Social partners,
• Universities,
• Municipalities
• Regional Development Agencies

The service component includes the following activities and targets: to increase the capacity building of DEP (MoLSS), relevant social partners and NGOs via 24 training activities; to reach 550 persons via awareness raising activities); to organise workshops about new employment policies in 5 sectors; preparing the “Report on Employment of People with Disabilities for Decent Future of Work” and the “Report on Mobbing Complaints” with a particular focus on gender; to conduct an Impact Assessment concerning latest legal arrangement for women’s employment and organizing 19 events (such as workshops, establishing Future of Work Commission, international conference) that will result in strengthening of coordination and cooperation mechanisms, establishing an IT Based Monitoring System for Strategy Documents; organizing study visits to experience the “future of work” approach and to examine best practices in EU member states regarding public employment services, social policies, and policy implementation processes, especially concerning women's employment; to prepare an introductory film focused on the future of work approach for the promotion and dissemination of the project; to prepare a public spot film to raise awareness of women about their rights in working life and their adaptation to the future of decent work.

The overall objective of the grant component is to improve employment and employability of current and future labour force with regards to needs of future of work while respecting gender equality. The grant component will be implemented nationwide.

Current Situation:
(End of July 2023)

By the end of July 2023, following activities have been realised;

- The implementation period for the service component started on 01.02.2021 with the kick-off meeting. Within the scope of the service contract;

• 21 Monthly Management and 4 Steering Committee Meetings were held; 4 workshops on new employment strategies have been finalized. The final workshop will be organised in İstanbul.

• 5 “Future of Work Commissions” were held in Ankara.

• 31 trainings were completed. Research studies were finalised in line with the 4 pre-study and 4 post-study workshops that were organised. Trainings under Intervention 1 were completed except the training under Sub-Intervention 1.6. Besides, green transformation training was held instead of KASAUM and Digitalisation trainings.

• 5 sector studies were finalised by conducting SWOT analysis workshops and face-to face interviews and a report was drafted, 1 report on employment of people with disabilities for decent future of work was prepared, 1 report on mobbing complaints with a particular focus on gender has been prepared, an Impact Assessment work has been carried out and a recommendation report was prepared.

• IT-Based Monitoring Mechanism was completed. Contractor’s support to implementation process of the system is continuing. The Advocacy and Awareness Strategy was developed.

• The first of the two study visits planned to be carried out within the scope of the project was organised in Finland between 2-8 October 2022. Germany Study visit will be held on green economy.

• A 6-weeks training has been held under the Sub-Intervention 1.4 “Training on Drafting National Strategy Documents”.

• Under Intervention 2 “IT-Based Monitoring Mechanism for Strategic Documents”, implementation process of the system has continued.

• Concept Paper on merging the Closing Conference and the International Conference has been prepared. Processes regarding the approval of Introductory Film and Public Spot Film were continuing.

• Final and Executive Summary Reports within Interventions 8-9-10 and 11 are under approval process. Operation’s social media accounts and website are actively in use.

- Operation's social media accounts and the website are actively in use.

- For detailed information on the grant component, please click here.