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1 July 2020
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2 July 2020

Labour Market Support Programme for NEETs (NEET PRO) Operation

Action /Activity:

Action I: Employment
Activity I.II: Promoting Employment and Employability

Title of the Operation:

Labour Market Support Programme for NEETs (NEET PRO)

Operation Number:


Implementation Period:

30.12.2021 - 29.06.2024

Operation Beneficiary:

Turkish Employment Agency

Website / Social Media Accounts:

Facebook – @Neet Pro
Instagram – @neet_pro
LinkedIn – @Neet Pro
Twitter – @Neet Pro

Interventions and Estimated Results:

There are three main interventions of the service component:

I: Institutional Capacity Building
II. Awareness-raising activities
III. Scientific and Technical Studies

Expected results are as follows:

I. Capacity of İŞKUR will be improved through trainings, development of IAP and JSA Implementation and Monitoring Model, and study visits.
II. NEETs, their families and relevant stakeholders will be accessed through outreach strategy, communication campaigns and visibility activities.
III. Knowledge on NEETs to contribute policy making will be improved through field research about NEETs and evaluation of grant projects.

By the grant component, it is aimed to increase employability and labour force participation of NEETs by providing comprehensive and holistic active labour market measures.

Current Situation:
(As of July 2023)

By the end of July 2023;

Under Intervention I;

• IAP and JSA model was prepared. Best practices in EU countries (Germany, the Netherlands, UK, Portugal) were analysed and reported in the model for monitoring of implementation of IAP.
• IAP form was prepared and piloted in Çankaya and Altındağ Service Centers of İŞKUR.
• IAP Implementation and Monitoring Software was developed.
• To identify the training content under Activities 1.1.1 and 1.1.3, a TNA workshop was organized on 12 October 2022. Training programmes were identified and concept notes along with the NKE ToRs were prepared.
• 12 of the 15 sessions of the trainings (30 in total for two activities) under Activity 1.1.1.b and 1.1.3.a, which started on May 29, 2023, were completed on July 14, 2023. The remaining 3 sessions are planned to be completed in September 2023. At the end of 15 sessions, a total of 375 people are planned to have participated in both trainings.
• Under activity 1.1.1.a, Trainings for "Individual Action Plan (IAP) and Jobseekers Allowance (JSA) Implementation and Monitoring Model (450 Participants), two trainings were conducted for İŞKUR central level staff with 50 participants on 13-15 March 2023 and 15-17 March 2023. The rest of the trainings under Activity 1.1.1.a will be held between 25-29 September 2023.
• A report on Individual Action plan in selected EU countries was prepared under 1.2 activity.
• IAP form and model for monitoring of implementation of IAP and JSA prepared.
• Report on IAP and its Implementation and Monitoring Model prepared.
• Under Activity 1.2.4, implementation and monitoring software was finalised; 3 user tests were conducted in April and approved. Improvements and bug fixes on the software were finalized in July 2023 and the software is planned to go live in August 2023.
• Under Activity 1.3., concept paper of the second study visit was approved. Two NKEs were approved. The second study visit is planned to be organized in October 2023.

Under Intervention II;

• EU Member States’ Best Practices Report for NEET Outreach Strategy s report has been prepared.
• The Grant Implementation Training organized under Activity 2.2.1. was completed between 20-22 June.
• Under Activity 2.1.2, the first Workshop organized for preparing the Outreach Strategy was organized on 22 March 2023. On the 19th of July 2023, the 2nd Outreach Workshop was organized with 45 participants.
• Project Opening Event was held on 9 June 2022 with the participation of 254 people.
• Social media accounts of the Operation are updated regularly.
• A total of 670 booklets, 1.639 agendas, 1.639 ballpoint pens, 295 crystal plaques, 450 ceramic cups, 350 thermos cups, 350 bluetooth headphones, 350 laptop backpacks, 825 cloth bags were produced to be used in project activities. Under Activity 2.2.2, Preparatory works for the preparation of İŞKUR videos have initiated. Concept note was prepared and approved. Due to the current situation (i.e. earthquake, elections) it was decided to revise the sequence of the shootings and shoot the real life stories first. The first video was produced.
• The concept note was prepared for the bus campaign under Activity 2.2.2. List of provinces to be visited in the bus campaign and the appropriate route was determined. Preparations about logistics and other arrangements have continued. The bus campaign is scheduled to start in September 2023.

Under Intervention III, a field research was carried out to identify the NEETs and their socio-demographic characteristics, trends, the situation and expectations of the labour market. This research was conducted to map NEETs through understanding and determining their profiles (labour market status, trends, attitudes etc.).
• Focus group meetings were carried out in 16 provinces. Within this scope, Research Methodology was prepared and approved. The qualitative research started in October 2022 and finalized in December 2022. 64 focus group meetings were conducted with 502 persons (209 of which were women) in 16 provinces (Tekirdağ, Kocaeli, Ankara, İstanbul, Mardin, İzmir, Antalya, Erzurum, Van, Bursa, Konya, Diyarbakır, Hatay, Samsun, Trabzon and Kayseri). The meetings were held with the representatives of local state institutions and municipalities, private sector entities, academicians, NGOs and NEETs.
• Quantitative field research started in December 2022 and finalized by March 2023. 12 NUTS1 Regional Reports were prepared.
• Online in-depth interviews in round table format started in April and finalized in May 2023.
• More than 100 interviews were conducted covering in 11 provinces; Ankara, İstanbul, İzmir, Mardin, Kayseri, Erzurum, Tekirdağ, Kocaeli, Diyarbakır and Konya.
• Following the completion of qualitative and quantitative research activities, studies related to finalisation of 16 NUTS-1 Regional Reports with policy recommendations and one resarch report were ongoing. After the approval of the report, the dissemination conference of the report is planned to be held on October 25, 2023.