“Irregularity” shall mean any infringement of a provision of applicable rules and contracts resulting from an act or an omission by an economic operator which has, or would have, the effect of prejudicing the general budget of the European Union by charging an unjustified item of expenditure to the general budget.

Within the framework of this definition, the coexistence of following elements constitutes the irregularity:

  • An act or an omission by an economic operator,
  • Infringement of applicable rules and contracts resulting from the act or the omission in question,
  • Actual or possible effect of prejudicing the general budget of the European Union.

Where filling in the form mentioned below, please note the followings:

  • Any person may report irregularities to the Directorate of European Union and Financial Assistance of Ministry of Labour and Social Security which is acting as the Operating Structure (OS).
  • Irregularity notifications may be submitted anonymously. However, an anonymous disclosure will be processed as an irregularity notification by the OS only if it is supported with concrete information/documents related to the case/notification or it is based on concrete information, finding or event.
  • Irregularity notifications must content minimum following information: the relevant project and the detailed description of the irregularity.
  • Irregularity notifications must be related to the projects or other activities financed under the “Human Resources Development Operational Programme” (2007-2014) or “Employment, Education and Social Policy Operational Programme” (2014-2020).
  • If any content or document is needed to be submitted with the irregularity notification to the OS, the relevant content or document must be sent through e-mail (

When your notification met aforementioned conditions, it will be considered/processed and in case its authenticity is confirmed, all the necessary measures will be taken by the OS and the procedures for establishing, registered and reporting of the irregularity will be initiated.

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