Minutes of 19th Sectoral Monitoring Committee (06.12.2016) has been published. Click here for download

The Sectoral Monitoring Committee of the Human Resources Development Operational Programme is a permanently acting body, established under the provisions of Article 36 of the Framework Agreement between the government of the Republic of Turkey and the European Commission and in accordance with the provisions of IPA Implementing Regulation (IPA IR) of European Commission No 718/2007 and the Regulation of European Council No 1085/2006 establishing an Instrument for Pre-accession Assistance (IPA).

1First Sectoral Monitoring Committee (13.12.2007)
2Second Sectoral Monitoring Committee (17.06.2008)
3Third Sectoral Monitoring Committee (13.11.2008)
4Fourth Sectoral Monitoring Committee (29.07.2009)
5 Fifth Sectoral Monitoring Committee (23.11.2009)
6Sixth Sectoral Monitoring Committee (24.06.2010)
7Seventh Sectoral Monitoring Committee (30.11.2010)
8Eight Sectoral Monitoring Committee (07.07.2011)
9Ninth Sectoral Monitoring Committee (01.12.2011)
10Tenth Sectoral Monitoring Committee (20-21.06.2012)
11Eleventh Sectoral Monitoring Committee (30.11.2012)
12Twelfth Sectoral Monitoring Committee (25.06.2013)
13Thirteenth Sectoral Monitoring Committee (06.12.2013)
14Fourteenth Sectoral Monitoring Committee (22.05.2014)
15Fifteenth Sectoral Monitoring Committee (26.11.2014)
16Sixteenth Sectoral Monitoring Committee (16.06.2015)
17Eighteenth Sectoral Monitoring Committee (26.05.2016)
18Nineteenth Sectoral Monitoring Committee (06.12.2016)


  • The Committee is co-chaired by the Deputy Undersecretary of the Ministry of Labour and Social Security, as Head of the Operating Structure for the HRD OP, and a representative of the Commission.
  • The Committee is assisted by a Secretariat provided by the Operating Structure. The EU Coordination Department of the Ministry of Labour and Social Security performs the duties of the permanent Secretariat of the Committee.
  • The composition of the Committee is decided by the Operating Structure, in agreement with the Commission. It can be reviewed and extended by the Operating Structure, in agreement with the Commission, in order to guarantee sufficient representation and membership, eventually on a rotational basis for the participation of representative actors, particularly regionally-based ones.
  • The members of the Committee may be replaced by 'substitutes' who can take part in the meetings of the Committee. The members of the Committee and their substitutes shall be nominated by their respective authorities and appointed by the Head of the Operating Structure. Every member of the Committee has one substitute only.


  • 1. Considers and approves the general criteria for selecting the operations and approves any revision of those criteria in accordance with programming needs;
  • 2. Examines proposals by the Operating Structure and/or the Commission to revise the Operational Programme and to monitor the assistance
  • 3. Makes modifications on the programme according to the changes that may arise in time
  • 4. Reviews at each meeting the physical and financial progress of implementation towards achieving the specific targets set for each priority axis and measures in the Operational Programme;
  • 5. Ensures the sound implementation and management of Operational Programme;
  • 6. Seeks to ensure the effectiveness and quality of the implementation of the programme and operations concerned, in accordance with the specific provisions laid down in the financing agreement;
  • 7. Informs the committee members regarding implementation;
  • 8. Examines the sectoral annual and final reports on implementation;
  • 9. Establishes sub-committees or working groups, where necessary;
  • 10. Examines proposals for possible decisions on any corrective measures to ensure the achievements of programme objectives and enhance the efficiency of assistance provided under the programme, and may make such kind of proposals to the Commission and the National IPA Coordinator;
  • 11. Provides the IPA Monitoring Committee with the necessary elements to allow it to assess the overall effectiveness, quality and coherence of the implementation of the programme;

Committee members are obliged to fulfill their obligations conscientiously. They are to be responsible for all their activities. Every titular and substitute Committee member have to sign a declaration of impartiality. The Committee members must maintain full confidentiality concerning the work of the Committee and to restrict themselves from making public any information which is regarded confidential.


  • The Committee meetings are to be held at least twice a year at the initiative of the Operating Structure or the Commission. Additional meetings can be called at the request of the Commission, the Head of the Operating Structure or a simple majority of Committee members.
  • The working language on the Committee meetings is the English language. Simultaneous translation to and from the Turkish language, including for the documents and materials discussed, is to be provided if necessary.
  • The Secretariat will inform all the members in writing about the place, the exact date and the draft agenda, including any supporting documents before the meeting. The members have the right to make proposals for amendment of the agenda.
  • The Committee meetings are open only to members of the Committee and their substitutes. The members of the Secretariat of the Committee and representatives of the European Commission have the right to attend them. The meetings are considered valid if they are attended by more than half of its voting members or their substitutes.
  • The Committee should aim to take decisions by consensus. In case that no consensus is reached, the Committee will make decisions on the basis of a simple majority of the voting members present at the meeting. In order to execute their voting rights, each substitute must provide the Secretariat with authorization from the member concerned and notify it in writing before the meeting that they will take part as voting members in the absence of the titular. In certain cases, if necessary, permanent and/or temporary subcommittees, working groups and/or steering committees can be established following the decision of the Committee.
  • After the meeting, the summary and the minutes of the meeting is to be published on the official website of the Operating Structure. The final version of the minutes from is to be approved at the following Committee meeting.