Evaluation is an instrument that aims to manifest the coherence of relevant objectives, goals and regulations with policies and implementations. IPA Implementing Regulation numbered 2007/718 necessitates the execution of evaluations to ensure the quality, effectiveness and consistency in the utilisation of Community assistance; and evaluation outcomes need to be utilised in programming and implementation cycles (article no. 57 and 166).

In this context, Human Resources Development Operational Programme (2007-2013) is foreseen to be evaluated on the basis of priority axes ‘employment’, ‘education’, ‘lifelong learning’ and ‘social inclusion’. Thus, it would be possible to determine the level of compliance between activities and programme objectives; to derive lessons for the subsequent implementations, to review the distribution of resources and to take measures towards sustainability.

The evaluators review the quality and relevance of the quantified objectives, analyse data on financial and physical progress, examine the functioning of administrative structures and implementation mechanisms, and provide recommendations on how to improve the performance of the Operational Programme in terms of efficiency and effectiveness.

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