Within the framework of a new financial perspective, European Union is incorporated its previously provided financial assistances to candidate and potential candidate countries under the name of Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA) as of 2007. European Union bonded every pre-accession instruments for candidate countries (Turkey, Croatia and Macedonia) and potential candidate (Albania, Bosnia Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro and Kosovo) for the period 2007- 2013 under the frame of IPA.

The main objective of IPA can be explained as preparation for programming, management and implementation of structural and congruence funds and obtaining high-level of consistency and coordination of EU Financial Aids. In summary, IPA assists candidate countries to be financially prepared for European Union membership.

Five components and operating structures responsible for managing those are determined for aids provided under IPA to candidate and potential candidate countries.



Assistance for Transition and Institution Building

Ministry for EU Affairs



Cross-border Cooperation

Ministry for EU Affairs



Regional Development

Ministry of Environment and Urbanization
Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology
Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications



Human Resources Development

Ministry of Labour and Social Security



Rural Development

Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock

Instrument for Pre-Accession brings the programming approach, as a new concept for utilizing financial aids. In this way, candidate countries are prepared for structural funds, which they will use after their complete membership. The programming is designed for Regional Development, Human Resources Development and Regional Development components, equivalent to structural instruments in EU such as European Regional Development Fund, European Social Fund, European Agricultural Orientation and Guarantee Fund.

With the Human Resources Development Component, more and better employment opportunities and wider social harmony and transition to an information-based economy which has sustainable economic development feature are aimed. From the Corporate point of view, preparing candidate countries to European Social Fund in the frame of European Employment Strategy and Lisbon Agenda and forming the system with a proper structure are targeted.

Ministry of Labour and Social Security is assigned for the responsible institution of this component. In the frame of Human Resources Development Operational Programme (HRD OP), prepared in leadership of the Ministry as a result of analysis made, four priorities (field of intervention) except technical assistance and ten measures (sub objectives) are determined. In order to get financial support for operation (umbrella projects) and grant schemes as a part of Human Resources Development Component, it requires consistency to measures defined in Operational Programme and activities under these measures, and obtain every indicator defined for each measure.