Elimination of the Child Labour in Seasonal Agriculture (ECLSA)
11 December 2020
Shortlist Notice of “Technical Assistance for Increasing Attendance and Enrollment Rates in Secondary Education (EuropeAid/140823/IH/SER/TR)” has been published.
23 December 2020

Institutional Capacity Building for the Implementation of Employment, Education and Social Policies Sectoral Operational Programme (EESP SOP) under IPA-II

Action /Activity:

Action IV: Technical Assistance
Activity 4.2 :Technical Assistance for Implementation of SOP

Title of the Operation:

Institutional Capacity Building for the Implementation of Employment, Education and Social Policies Sectoral Operational Programme (EESP SOP) under IPA-II )

Operation Number:


Implementation Period:

09.01.2019 – 08.01.2022

Operation Beneficiary:

The Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Services
The Directorate of The European Union and Financial Assistance

Website / Social Media Accounts:


Interventions and Estimated Results:

Technical Assistance for Operating Structure
• Realizing 50 training models for OS staff
• 74 trainings for real and potential beneficiaries
• Training of 2,626 staff of actual and potential grant beneficiaries
• Reaching 30,000 people through awareness raising activities
• 7 research, field studies, reports, impact assessment, monitoring and evaluation studies, regional needs analysis, project pool etc. realization
• 6 SMC meetings
• 2 SMC meetings (Framework Contract)
• Conducting 24 conferences / working groups
• Supply for the Operating Structure – Lot 1
• Information technology equipment procurement
• Supply for the Operating Structure – Lot 2
• Information technology equipment procurement
• Direct Expenditure Budget for the Operating Structure
• Administrative expenses of the Operating Structure (building rental, operational costs and supply of necessary equipment)
• 2500 field visits for contract monitoring

Current Situation:
(As of November 2020)

• The framework contract has been successfully completed. 2 SMC meetings were held. The final report has been received and the payment was made.
• The first supply contract has been completed. Installation and training activities have been carried out in line with the contract. Provisional acceptance was made and payment process issued. Final acceptance procedures have been completed after 1 year from provisional acceptance process and so the project has been finalized successfully.
• Procurement process are maintaining for another supply contract.
• Activities are maintaining under the direct expenditure budget. Equipment purchases are made as required. Field visits are carried out. 165 monitoring visits have been made in the scope of impact analyses.
• Training needs analysis was carried out within the scope of technical support. OS personnel are given training on various topics. Trainings were also given to potential grant and operation beneficiaries. 3 Sectoral Monitoring Committee Meetings and 3 Steering Committee Meetings were held. In addition, 10 stakeholder meetings were held. With 21 project information activities, 2850 people were reached and 1597 people were reached with the project application preparation training. Within the scope of the project, 3 study visits were carried out.
• All kinds of training and consultancy support continue to be provided to potential and real operational beneficiaries through project resources.
• Weekly media screening reports related to project visibility activities are produced. In addition, promotional and visibility materials are produced and distributed in project activities.