Supporting Registered Employment of Women through Institutional Childcare Services (INST-CARE)
17 July 2019
Increasing the Quality of Special Education Services for Inclusive Education (IQSES)
18 July 2019
Supporting Registered Employment of Women through Institutional Childcare Services (INST-CARE)
17 July 2019
Increasing the Quality of Special Education Services for Inclusive Education (IQSES)
18 July 2019

Improving Job and Vocational Counselling Services (IQJVC)

Action /Activity:

Action I: Employment
Activity I.III Supporting Employment Policy-making and Implementation

Title of the Operation:

Improving Job and Vocational Services Operation (IQJVC)

Operation Number:


Implementation Period:


Operation Beneficiary:

Turkish Employment Agency (İŞKUR)

Website / Social Media Accounts:

Twitter / @imdprojesi
LinkedIn / İMD Projesi

Interventions and Estimated Results:

The Operation is composed of (Technical Assistance) service component with a duration of 36 months.

Within this context;

• Activities will be carried out to improve the policy making capacity of İŞKUR’s central staff and the implementation capacity of İŞKUR’s local staff (6085 staff). In line with this purpose, trainings will be provided for the use of the IT system to be developed by the personnel. Daily technical consultancy will be provided on qualified JVC services and processes. Vocational orientation tests will be developed, and consultancy will be provided for online applications.

• İŞKUR's existing communication strategy will be improved and films related to İŞKUR’s services and vocations will be produced. 5 Career EXPO organizations will be held, promotional materials will be prepared and distributed, fictional characters will be designed. An international congress regarding employment policy will be organized as a closing event. 15.000 people will be reached as a result of awareness raising activities.

• It is aimed to directly contribute to İŞKUR's policy-making and implementation capacity with scientific and technical studies. Thus, 6 reports will be prepared for inclusive service provision models for disadvantaged groups. 3 gap analysis reports will be prepared on effective cooperation mechanisms. Institutional needs analysis will be conducted. Evaluation of İŞKUR’s Employment Fairs and Career Days will be conducted. Forecasting models for professions and skills will be developed at sectoral level. Foreign exchange and internship programs will be arranged. Online database memberships will be provided.

• 4 workshops will be organized with the career centers of the universities. 3 workshops will be organized with private employment agencies, social partners and NGOs.

Current Situation:
(End of October 2023)

Intervention I – Institutional Capacity Building Activities

• Training materials have been developed for 11 training modules.

• 3.421 participants have attended to trainings in 114 groups in 26 provinces.

• A major review of all Vocational Orientation Test Applications used by Public Employment Services (PES) in Europe and elsewhere in the world have been designed.
• Concept notes were developed and shared under Activities, 1.2 and 1.3.

• Field visits were carried out under Activity 1.2 Consultancy on JVC Work Processes, and documents to be revised have been agreed on.

• Activity 1.3 Development of Vocational Orientation Test Battery has kicked off, a working group has been established, item pool has been developed and the trial field study have been completed. Preparations for the Norm Field Study are continuing.

• Activity 1.9 Promotional Conference was held with the attendance of more than 200 participants from the stakeholders.

• Under Trainings on Three Additional Topics reached as a result of Training Need Analyses activity; TNA survey has been conducted, two focus group meetings were held and the trainings have started.

• Under Activity 1.1.6, Information and Learning Management System, Needs Analysis meetings have been held. The system has been developed and it is currently being tested by İŞKUR.

Intervention II - Awareness Raising Activities

• Project’s Communication and Visibility Plan have been developed.

• Following promotional materials have been developed and distributed:
       o In the Second Steering Committee Meeting dated 24 March 2022: 250 packages (bag, pen, notebook, thermos mug and powerbank)
       o For the trainings under Activities and 2.864 packages (bag, pen, notebook, folder and ruler/bookmark)
       o Under Activity 1.9 Promotional Conference: 220 packages (laptop bag, powerbank and pencil case)

• Under Activity 2.5 Creation of Fictional Characters, 7 scenarios have been developed. 5 episodes have been prepared and revisions have been started.

• Concept notes and work plans were developed for Activities 2.2.1, 2.2.2, 2.2.3 and 2.5.

• Movies have been produced for Act. 2.2.1 Institutional Introductory Movie and 2.2.2 Public Spot Movie.

• Under 2.2.2 İŞKUR Services, three movies were prepared on Job Clubs, ÜSKAP and İEP - MEK; revisions are ongoing.

• 7 Vocational Introductory Movies have been produced under Act. 2.2.3.

• For Activity 2.1 Improvement of Communication Strategy, experts have been mobilised, a workshop has been held with the attendance of İŞKUR representatives and stakeholders, Communication Guideline and Communication Strategy documents have been drafted. Revision of the Communication Plan is ongoing.

• A 2-day Career Expo was held in Gemlik, Bursa as part of the Activity 2.3 Organization of Career Expo. Preparations for second Career Expo in Denizli which will be held on 1-2 November 2023 have been completed.

Intervention III - Study and Research Activities

• Under Activity 3.1 Inclusive Service Delivery Models for Disadvantaged Groups, six reports have been prepared. Workshops were held with the target group to share the research findings. Upon finalisation of the reports, a Dissemination Seminar was held with the attendance of stakeholders and social partners. Toolkits for each disadvantaged group has been drafted; final revisions are ongoing.

• Under Activity 3.7 Online Database Memberships, İŞKUR’s subscriptions to AYEUM, SAGE and OECD databases have been completed. SAGE and OECD memberships have been renewed.

• Under 3.6 International Exchange Programmes, study visits were held in Czechia and Ireland. Three hosting visits were held, three days each, with the attendance of experts from Ireland, Austria and Germany. Preparations are ongoing for the next study visit to Spain which will held between 20-24 November 2023.

• As part of Activity 3.5 Development of Forecasting Model for Vocations and Skills at Sectoral Level, experts have been mobilised. Baseline analysis, information need analysis and methodology processes have been ongoing, as well as the database review process. Concept Paper has been drafted and revisions are ongoing.

• Under Act. 3.4 Improvement of İŞKUR’s Virtual Employment Fairs, a Concept Note and Work Plan have been agreed with the OB and expert has been mobilised.

Intervention IV – Coordination Cooperation

• Under Act. 4.1 Organising Workshops with Career Centres of Universities, expert has been mobilised. Questionnaires to be applied to universities’ career centres and İŞKUR personnel have been drafted and revisions are ongoing.

• Under Act. 4.2 Workshops with Private Employment Agencies, Social Partners and NGOs, a Concept Note and Work Plan have been prepared and agreed with the OB. Process for expert mobilisation is underway.