Supporting Registered Employment of Women through Promoting Educated Child-Caregivers II (EDU-CAREII)

Action /Activity:

Action I: Employment
Activity I.I: Promoting Decent Work

Title of the Operation:

Supporting Registered Employment of Women through Promoting Educated Child-Caregivers II (EDU-CARE II)

Operation Number:


Implementation Period:


Operation Beneficiary:

Social Security Institution (SSI)

Website / Social Media Accounts:


Interventions and Estimated Results:

Expected impact of the Operation, which is being implemented via direct grant, are as follows:

1- 325 Euro support will be given to 3.500 working mothers provided that they employ trained caregivers.

2- A Strategy Document including an impact analysis study and comprehensive studies on the childminder (neighbour mother) system will be prepared.

3- The contribution of the project to the national income will be revealed as a result of the impact analysis document to be completed at the end of the project.

4- • Mothers will be enabled to work with insurance,

• Working mothers will be prevented from being excluded from the labour market,

• Child-caregivers will be able to work with insurance within the scope of decent work,

• By creating social security awareness, registered women's employment will be increased in the long term.

It is planned that 1 opening and 1 closing conference will be held within the scope of the project.

It is planned to hold 1 Academic Panel, 2 workshops and 2 study visits during the project.

It is also planned to establish a Policy Advisory Committee consisted of representatives from relevant institutions and academicians.

Current Situation:
(End of January 2024)

The implementation of the Operation started on 1 December 2023.

Under the Operation that is being implemented in Ankara, İstanbul and İzmir, by the end of January 2024;

• Activity Plan has been prepared.

• Communication and Visibility Plan has been prepared.

• The recruitment process for the personnel that will work within the scope of the Operation has been initiated. Personnel Recruitment announcement has been published and applications have been received.