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1 January 2016
Technical Assistance for Promoting Lifelong Learning II in Turkey (LLL II) (EuropeAid/133551/IH/SER/TR)-Award Notice
2 January 2016

Adaptability of Employers and Employees in the Tourism Sector

Measure 3.2
Operation Name Increasing the Adaptability of Employers and Employees in Tourism Sector
Implementation Period 15.01.2014 - 15.07.2016
Web Address http://tuyup.turizm.gov.tr/
Beneficiary Institution Ministry of Culture and Tourism (MoCT)
Components and Budgets Service € 7.558.813,00
Supply € 145.528,00
Aim of Operation and Outputs

The overall objective of the Service Project is to increase the adaptability of employees and employers in an environment friendly manner to adjust to changes in economic circumstances and globalization by investing more in human capital for the sake of sustainable economic and social growth.

In the scope of the project which was signed on November 2013, 5.481 voucher trainees including 4.792 employees (177.690 hours) and 689 employers (4134 hours) were trained and 181.824 hours of training was delivered under the Voucher Programme and totally 145 person were received vocational qualification certificates under the National Vocational Qualification Certificate Facility launched under the Operation. Labour Force Analysis was carried out on the basis of Training Need Analysis, key interviews and labour force survey of 2.078 MoCT licenced enterprises.

The report addressing demographic profile of current labour force, qualification of labour force, supply and demand, expected labour shortages, future projections, seasonality, and recruitment difficulties was prepared. 15 enterprises were selected as “Centre of Best Practices” and provided with training/consultancy for the green start certification, and 13 of these enterprises were awarded the Green Star Certification at the end of the project. Within this framework, 638 employees/employers were trained on environmental friendly hotel operations and management.The project was finalized on 15.07.2016.

Within the scope of the supply component, web server, laptops and presentation equipment were supplied. Personal laptops have been used by the MoCT’s vocational training programmes in the MoCT licensed enterprises as well as the training programmes of the MoCT Provincial Directorates. The server is located in the MoCT headquarters and all project activities are managed on this server.