Directorate of European Union and Financial Assistance was founded with the “Statutory Decree No 367 Regarding Foundation of Related Units on European Community in Ministries and Affiliate Institutions” and with the amendment of Article 12/A titled “Main Service Units” of “Law No 3146 on the Organization and Duties of Ministry of Labour and Social Security” which placed “Directorate of European Union and Financial Assistance” among the main service units. Establishment of the department was approved on 16 May 1989.

According to the Statutory Decree No 367, the department is responsible of coordinating matters related to the European Union, aiding the coordination duties of the ministry responsible of European Union affairs, taking necessary precautions in line with the general policies of the government and executing tasks about coherence and implementation.

Duties of the department has been defined as below in the Article 12/A of Law No 3146 on the Organization and Duties of Ministry of Labour and Social Security:

  • Making preparatory arrangements for negotiations and attending meetings in the matters related to the European Union which falls under the work field of the ministry, coordinating ministry units on the decisions of the European Union - Turkey association agencies,
  • Executing the programming, budget and implementation phases of outsourced projects in the context of supports provided by the European Union programmes and the European Union which fall under the work field of the ministry,
  • Programming, coordination, implementation and controlling of projects that the ministry conducts with the European Union, other countries and international instutitions in line with human resources development,
  • Preparing, implementing and coordinating operational programmes in the framework of international agreements, acquis communautaire and related legislation,
  • Selection, prioritization, tendering, contracting, executing, payment, accounting, controling, monitoring and evaluating projects and activities which will be supported,
  • Executing similar tasks which be assigned by the ministry.

In this context, Directorate General for Foreign Relations and European Union is responsible for:

Coordination of related institutions and units on human resources development and assuring the efficient implementation of Human Resources Development Operational Programme for IPA Compenent IV which sets the framework of financial assistance program of European Comission for candidate countries during 2007 - 2013,
Following and participating in 13 negotiation chapters, particularly Chapter 19 Social Policy and Employment and Chapter 2 Freedom of Movement for Workers which fall directly under the work field of the ministry,
Carrying out Social Policy and Employment Sub Committee meetings and participating in other sub committees which fall under the work field of the ministry,
Preparing detailed concordence tables, translating related acquis communautaire and national legislation,
Making remarks according to acquis communautaire on national legislation drafts created by related institutions and participating in committee works,
Assuring efficient coordination among Ministry of European Union, public institutions, social partners, non govermental organizations, European Commision and other European Union agencies in order to fulfill the obligations arising from the National Programme,
Drafting the Employment and Social Reform Programme with the contribution of all related partners, executing necessary tasks and coordinating the process,
Making necessary contributions to the European Union Progress Report in the fields which fall under the responsibility of the ministry,
Participating in PROGRESS which functions as the social policy programme for European Union and carrying out all necessary activities, coordinating and informing all related partners such as public institutions, non govermental organizations, social partners and universities,
Reviewing and approving applications for the TAIEX programme which is a short term technical assistance programme for candidate countries,
Participating in conferences, seminars, grants, training programmes and meetings which fall under the work field of the ministry and preparing and disseminating reports for related institutions,
Preparing unit activity reports.