Contract Notice of Technical Assistance for Improving Job and Vocational Counselling Services (JVC) – EuropeAid/140128/IH/SER/TR – has been published.
8 July 2019
Strengthening the Impact of the Conditional Cash Transfer Programme in Turkey for Increasing High School Attendance-II (CCT-II)
12 July 2019

Strengthening Training and Research Capacity of the Centre for Labour and Social Training and Research (CASGEM)

Action /Activity:

Action I: Employment
Activity I.III: Supporting Employment Policy-making and Implementation

Title of the Operation:

Strengthening Training and Research Capacity of the Centre for Labour and Social Training and Research (CASGEM)

Number of the Operation:


Implementation Period:

03.03.2020 – 02.03.2023

Operation Beneficiary:

Centre for Labour and Social Training and Research (ÇASGEM)

Website / Social Media Accounts:

Interventions and Estimated Results:

The Operation has 36-months service (technical assistance) and 6–months supply components.

Within the scope of the service component, capacity building activities, scientific and technical studies as well as awareness-raising campaigns/events will be provided and coordination/cooperation mechanisms will be strengthened in order to increase the institutional capacity of the Operation Beneficiary to improve capacity of the public employment services.

Measuring instruments and training equipment will be purchased through the supply component in order to increase the institutional capacity in providing trainings and conducting researches, and to ensure sustainability in the services delivered on the field.

Current Situation:
(As of April 2022)

Service contract of the Operation was signed on 24.01.2020. Kick-off Meeting was held on 03.03.2020. Monthly Management and Operation Steering Committee meetings have been held so far.

Under the scope of training activities that constitute a part of the service contract, in the current situation, 1052 persons participated to a total of 45 trainings.

Country reports on implementations in EU and Türkiye (EU, Canada, Finland and Türkiye) on occupational rehabilitation (return to work) were prepared and 7 draft modules were developed. In December 2021, Seminar on Safety Culture was held.

EU Best Practices Report and 6 training modules (for various age groups) on safety culture were developed. Conference on Safety Culture was organised in December 2021.

A tailor-made Process and Performance Management System has been developed to increase the institutional memory, productivity and to ensure an effective internal workflow for ÇASGEM.

Within the scope of virtual reality (VR), studies were initiated for the development of 20 scenarios in construction, petrochemical, mining and metal sectors.

In order to increase the visibility of the Operation, several promotional materials were produced and delivered to participants. Awareness Raising Films (promotion of the Operation, occupational rehabilitation and safety culture) were produced.

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