Contract Notice of Technical Assistance for Improving Job and Vocational Counselling Services (JVC) – EuropeAid/140128/IH/SER/TR – has been published.
8 July 2019
Strengthening the Impact of the Conditional Cash Transfer Programme in Turkey for Increasing High School Attendance-II (CCT-II)
12 July 2019

Strengthening Training and Research Capacity of the Centre for Labour and Social Training and Research (CASGEM)

Action /Activity:

Action I: Employment
Activity I.III: Supporting Employment Policy-making and Implementation

Title of the Operation:

Strengthening Training and Research Capacity of the Centre for Labour and Social Training and Research

Number of the Operation:


Implementation Period:

03.03.2020 – 02.03.2023

Operation Beneficiary:

Centre for Labour and Social Training and Research (ÇASGEM)

Website / Social Media Accounts:

Interventions and Estimated Results:

The operation (CASGEM) designed under Education and Social Policies Sectoral Operational Programme (EESP SOP), has 36-months service (Technical Assistance) and 6–months supply components. The operation aims to:

Within the scope of the service component, capacity building activities, scientific & technical studies, awareness raising campaigns/events will be provided and coordination/cooperation mechanism will be strengthened with a budget of € 3.786,000 in order to increase institutional capacity of the operation beneficiary to improve capacity of the public employment services.

Measuring instruments, training equipment will be purchased through supply component in order to increase institutional capacity in providing trainings and in doing researches and to ensure sustainability in services delivered.

Current Situation:
(As of November 2020)

Service Contract of the Operation has been signed on 17.01.2020.

Kick – Off Meeting of the Operation was held on 03.03.2020.

First Interim (Progress) Report of the Project, covering the 6-months period from 3 March to 31 August, was sent to Contracting Authority for approval on 30 September 2020.

Covid-19 pandemic posed a serious risk to the project implementation. To mitigate the risks, the Beneficiary/TAT re-planned some of the training activities as remote/online.

Research activities which can be conducted online were brought forward in the work plan.

Face-to-face trainings had strict precautions (e.g. social distancing, mandatory use of masks, natural airflow instead of air conditioning, disinfection agents, etc.) were taken.

The opening event of the project was postponed to 2021 (and changed to a promotional event) as events with high number of participants pose a risk to the public health.

The first OSC meeting was held on 24 September 2020.

Overview of the Category I - Institutional Capacity Building:

7 training activities (4 face to face, 3 online) were conducted and reached to 134 participants.

Overview of the Category II – Awareness Raising:

With the aim of increasing awareness and knowledge in the field of OHS and disseminating behaviour-based safety across all age groups in Turkey, a Communication and Visibility Strategy has been prepared.

The script of the project film has been drafted Professional videos are being shot in the training activities to provide content for this film.

The procurement process is ongoing for supply component.

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