Promoting Youth Employment in TRC3 Region (PYETRC3)
18 July 2019
Institutional Capacity Building for the Implementation of Employment, Education and Social Policies Sectoral Operational Programme (EESP SOP) under IPA-II
18 July 2019

Renewable Youth Energy Operation (REYOU)

Action /Activity:

Action II: Education and Trainning
Activity II.III: Strengthening National Qualifications System and promoting LLL & Adaptability

Title of the Operation:

Renewable Youth Energy Operation (REYOU)

Number of the Operation:


Operation Beneficiary:

South Marmara Development Agency

Interventions and Estimated Results:

The purpose of the operation is to;
- Attract and retain more young people in employment at renewable energy sector by improving educational and vocational training opportunities and strengthening the linkage between formal training and labor market;
- Improve LLL capacity of the region

The target group of the operation: 480 young unemployed people [(40 technicians + 40 engineers) x 3 renewable energy systems x 2 universities)] between 18 – 29 ages graduated from engineering, technical and science faculties, relevant two year technical degree programmes (such as electricity and energy, electronic technology, electronic and automation, machine etc.) and relevant fields.

“RE-YOU” Operation will make a great contribution through a service component which includes:
* Institutional capacity building activities for Career and Counselling Units (CCU’s), Continuing Education Centers (CES’s) and Universities
* CECs will apply to VQA for becoming Authorized Certification Body
* Renewable energy trainings and career oriented courses to e-learning systems
* Study visits realized to see best practices in EU countries
* Workshops and conferences, awareness raising activities aims to create awareness in the society about renewable energy
* Drafting and Publishing“the South Marmara Renewable Energy Employment Market Analysis” report

Under the supply component of the Operation, the necessary equipment will be purchased in order to realize mentioned trainings and specific interventions.

Current Situation:

Operation Agreement was signed on 12.10.2018.
3rd Management Meeting was held on 10.04.2019.
The procurement process is ongoing for the supply component.
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The procurement process is ongoing for the service component.
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