Improving Occupational Health and Safety Especially in Mining Sector
18 July 2019
Renewable Youth Energy Operation
18 July 2019

Promoting Youth Employment in TRC3 Region (PYETRC3)

Action /Activity:

Action I. Employment
Activity I.II. Promoting Employment and Employability

Title of the Operation:

Promoting Youth Employment in TRC3 Region (PYETRC3)

Operation Number:


Implementation Period:

Service: 36 months (01.07.2020-30.06.2023)
Supply: 4 months (24.08.2020-22.12.2020)

Operation Beneficiary:

Tigris Development Agency (DİKA)

Website / Social Media Accounts:


Interventions and Estimated Results:

Within the scope of the service component with a budget of 3.565.000 Euros; it is aimed to increase the skill levels of young people through vocational training on various topics and to improve the policy-making capacities of the local actors/stakeholders including universities and NGOs in order to promote youth employment. The component also includes activities for improving the institutional capacity of Tigris Development Agency, as well as Siirt, Batman, Şırnak and Mardin Artuklu Universities in the field of youth employment.

In the supply component with a budget of 298.891 Euros, it is aimed to supply, delivery, unloading, installation, commissioning, inspection and testing, maintenance, and warranty services to improve the physical capacity of Public Education Centers in Mardin, Batman, Siirt and Şırnak through supply of relevant equipment to increase the vocational skills of young people in TRC3 Region and promote their integration into the labour market.

Current Situation:
(As of March 2021)

In the scope of the Service Component of the Project, the contract has been signed by the related parties on 14.04.2020 and Project implementation period was started on 01.07.2020. The Project will be finalized on 30.06.2023 at the end of 36 months implementation period. Within the scope of the Project, kick-off meeting was performed on 02.07.2020. The ınception report was submitted on 04.08.2020 and after the revision of report in accordance with the related parts it was approved on 18.01.2021. 1st Interim Report was submitted on 03.02.2021 by the Contractor and the approval process is still ongoing.

As of March 2021, 4 press meetings in Mardin, Batman, Şırnak and Siirt were finalized in the Project. Moreover, totally 4 trainings from 10 planned trainings on HR Management, Recruitment Methods and Youth Employment Incentives has been finalized. Training on “Entrepreneurship with Manufacturing Value Chain, Career Guidance and Counselling Services, Trainings on labour market policies and innovative support mechanisms for the staff of the universities and the Tigris Development Agency are still ongoing. As of April 2021, vocational trainings will be started in the public education centres.

Within the scope of the supply component of Operation, Lot1 and Lot 2 was commenced on 24.08.2020 in accordance with the request of Contractor for postponement of commencement date due to force majeure situation occurred with the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic. After commencement of Projects, during the field visits carried by Tigris Development Agency to delivery points stated in the Contracts clearly, it was realized that some Public Education Centres did not have suitable working areas and capacity for infrastructure of technical equipment to be supplied in the scope of Contracts and to be used during the trainings carried out within the Service Component of Operation. Accordingly, request for changing the Operation Identification Sheet (OIS) was submitted to EUD on 26.11.2020 and approved on 04.12.2020 and Administrative Order for changing the delivery points of Projects was sent to Contractor on 10.12.2020. Since the Projects were finalized on 21.12.2020, extension request of Contractor for 60 calendar days in accordance with the Article 20.1 (e) of the General Conditions for Supply Contracts has been approved by the Contracting Authority. In the current situation, delivery, testing and acceptance procedures were finalized for Lot1-IT Equipment and provisional acceptance certificate was approved on 18.02.2021. Provisional Acceptance Certificate for Lot-2 Natural Gas Interior Installation Equipment and Materials was approved on 23.03.2021. Lot 4- Elevator Maintenance and Repair Equipment was commenced on 09.12.2020 and delivery and inspection/testing of items are still ongoing and will be finalized on 07.04.2021.