Supporting Registered Employment of Women Through Home-Based Child Care Services (NANNY)
1 January 2016
Provision of Career Services through Multi-Stakeholder Partnership Model (CAREER)
1 January 2016

Promoting Youth Employment in Sectoral Investment Areas

Measure 1.2.
Title of Operation Promoting Youth Employment in Sectoral Investment Areas (PYEIS)
Project Web Site and/or Social Media Addresses
Body Responsible for the Implementation of the Operation Turkish Employment Agency (İŞKUR)
Component of the Operation and Budget Grant = € 15.280.800
Operation Purpose and Results

PYE-II Operation was implemented by İŞKUR and its overall objective is to attract and to retain more people in employment by promoting youth employment and decreasing unemployment rate of young people. Within this framework, the purpose of the Operation is to increase the employability of the young people while promoting their integration into the labour market.

The implementation of 58 grant projects, which have a total budget of approximately 15 million Euro, has been started in March 2016,

- 4.568 young people participated in generic skills training programmes organized in the grant projects.
- 4.780 young people participated in vocational training programmes.
- Employment-oriented courses were also provided in these projects for 6.053 young people.
- 2.611 young people participated in entrepreneurship courses.
- 2.658 young people were placed in internships and apprenticeship programmes.
- 25.938 young people also benefited from counselling and guidance services.
- 243 young people became entrepreneurs after the entrepreneurship trainings carried out by grant beneficiaries.
- 1.005 people were employed following the employment and vocational training programmes.
- 49 university-industry cooperation mechanisms were established within the scope of the grant scheme in question.
- 14 career centres were established/developed in universities through the grant scheme.
- 16 graduate monitoring systems were established in the grant projects to monitor the labour market performance of graduates, trainees and entrepreneurs.