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22 January 2019
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28 January 2019

Promoting Registered Employment through Better Guidance and Inspection II Operation

Measure 1.3.
Operation Name Promoting Registered Employment through Better Guidance and Inspection II Operation
Implementation Period 16.09.2014 - 30.06.2017
Web Address http://www.sgk.gov.tr/wps/portal/sgk/tr/calisan/kayitdisi_istihdam/avrupa_projeleri/kitup2
Beneficiary Institution Social Security Institution
Components and Budgets Technical Assistance: € 3.184.720
Supply: € 8.500.000
Grant: € 1.000.000
Aim of Operation and Outputs

    Aim of the operation is to promote registered employment by increasing the guidance and inspection capacity of SSI both at the central and the local level and to increase the awareness of the local actors.

    Within the technical assistance project:

    36 sectoral guidelines and an employee guideline were prepared to promote the registered employment in Turkey. Furthermore,104 people were informed about the sector guidelines with the meetings and sectoral guidelines were presented in 15 provinces to 643 people.

    A risk assessment manual was prepared to support risk analysis studies and 30 SSI staff was trained about the use of this manual.

    613 social security controllers and 488 local inspectors of the relevant public bodies were trained on EU best practices in combating unregistered employment, effective financial control techniques and the psychology of inspection and effective communication techniques.

    In total 684 controllers, inspectors and SSI experts were trained in 4 training session on EU best practices in combating unregistered employment, effective financial control techniques, the psychology of inspection and effective communication techniques.

    In total 353 SSI staff and 344 representatives from social partners were trained in 15 training programmes on EU best practices in combating unregistered employment, Public Relations and effective communication techniques, techniques for data collection and analysis, techniques for information relay on social security and registered employment, workshop on cooperation between organisations on unregistered employment. In total, 697 people attended these programmes.

    175 SSI central and local managers attended the Leadership Awareness-Raising Conference.

    5 study visits (Austria, Italia, France, Spain, Belgium) were realized with 51 participants in total.

    A range of promotional and awareness raising materials including 3 different TV spots, 1 strip advertisement, 2 radio spots, 2 cinema spots and 6 high quality animated cartoon movies were produced and disseminated within the scope of the Operation.

    4 preparation meetings for the preparation compendium were held and 500 compendiums about whole operation program (incl. Supply, Grants and Technical Assistance) were prepared and delivered.

    A 2-days media workshop with 20 students and a ceremony with 136 participants were realized.

    One opening and one closing conference were realized with the participation of 667 people in total.

    In total, 31 awareness-raising events for thematic groups (mukhtars and imams) were realized with the participation of 1.853 people.

    100 events (40 elementary schools and 60 vocational high schools) aimed at explaining the disadvantages of unregistered employment (e.g. unsafe conditions in parents’ workplaces, lack of health insurance and pension rights) and the contributions of social security to people, the country and secure future were organized in 31 provinces. 7.433 elementary school students and 7.258 vocational high school students participated in the events. A social security bus was introduced in the primary school activities.

    An Academic Advisory Board was established and 6 workshops were organized with participation of 197 people.

    3 reports were prepared by the Academic Advisory Board for the following sectors: construction, under-declaration of earnings and agriculture.

    In 6 regions, a survey covering 4 sectors were conducted. In total, 8.000 surveys and 96 face-to-face interviews were realized.

    A report on regional analysis was prepared.

    Within the scope of Grant Scheme:

    179 local partnerships between SSI and social partners were established as a result of the grant projects.

    297 SSI staff participated in training programmes organized by the grant projects at the central and the local level.

    38.693 people participated in various training programmes to support the registered employment.

    25.207 staff from social partners, NGOs etc. participated in training programmes, seminars, workshops, or other related activities of the grant projects.

    2.585 study, surveys, researches or technical reports related to the registered employment were prepared/carried out in the grant projects.

    463 people who had been working as unregistered workers or had been unemployed has become registered workers as a result of the activities organized under the grant projects.

    Within the scope of supply, 2000 tablets were distributed to inspectors and controllers and 35 panelvans for mobile inspection were delivered.