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19 September 2017
Increasing Adaptibility of Employers and Employees to the Changes in Global Economy Operation
2 October 2017

Promoting Lifelong Learning Operation-1


  • Measure 3.1: To promote the development and implementation of coherent and comprehensive strategies for lifelong learning.
  • Operation: Promoting Lifelong Learning
  • Operation Beneficiary: Ministry of National Education(Operational Agreement signed on 08 October 2009)
  • Total Budget: € 12.7 Million (including national contribution of 15 %)
  • Location: 12 NUTS-II Regions - 43 Provinces and Ankara
  • Components: Service - Supply - Grant
  • Budgets by Components: Service: € 7.4 Million - Supply: € 332.5 Thousand - Grant: € 5 Million
  • Operation Web Site: -



    Specific Objectives:

  • Building LLL approach coherent at national level with the national LLL strategy.
  • Building LLL approach at local level and improving local capacity to implement the LLL strategies.
  • Focusing on awareness raising on the LLL approach.


    Specific Objectives:

  • Equipping schools in pilot provinces of the Operation in line with their specific physical requirements

  • The equipment to be supplied in this scope is organised under 2 lots:
    -Lot 1: Office Furniture
    -Lot 2: IT Equipment, Hardware and Software


    Specific Objectives:

  • Supporting the cooperation, enhancement of dialogue and networking among all parties related with LLL.
  • Encouraging the education-training institutions and the sector to implement LLL awareness activities on LLL approach.
  • Expanding and improving the lifelong learning opportunities towards people and enterprises by increasing the basic-skills, vocational basic skills of adults (especially women) in the 12 NUTS II Regions; and employment related qualifications of persons in line with the needs of the local private sector.

  • Number of Supported Projects: 43
    Period of Implementation: May 2010- May 2011