Promoting Youth Employment in Sectoral Investment Areas
1 January 2016
Increasing School Attendance Rates Especially for Girls (IAREFG-II)
1 January 2016

Provision of Career Services through Multi-Stakeholder Partnership Model (CAREER)

Title of the Operation Provision of Career Services through Multi-Stakeholder Partnership Model (CAREER)
Implementation Period 07.01.2016 -07.11.2017
Project Web Site
Body Responsible for the Implementation of the Operation Trakya Development Agency
Compenent(s) of the Operation and Budget Service = € 3.055.759
Supply = € 384.138
Operation Purpose and Results

The purpose of this operation is to ease students/newly-graduates’ transition to the world of work through career services at the universities in the TR21 Trakya region.

The capacities of career development centers in 3 state universities was increased in order to facilitate the transition of university students in Edirne, Kırklareli and Tekirdağ provinces to business life, to conduct regional labor market analysis, to prepare Human Resources Development Strategy plans and action plans for universities, to provide career services, to conduct business visits operations and procurement of goods.

Within the scope of the project, services were provided in order to provide career support services to students in university career centers, to establish an internet portal in order to bring university students and employers together, and to recognize the business world through company visits.

Technical Assistance Project 247 young people received entrepreneurship training,1246 young people received career counseling, 363 employees received relavant field trainings, 299 people received career counseling services/consultancy.trainings working in the TR 21 region.

Within the scope of supply projects computers, electronic (Lot 1) and office equipment (Lot 2) were provided to three