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1 July 2020
Empowering Women through Cooperatives (WOMENCOOP)
2 July 2020

Labour Market Support Programme for NEETs (NEET PRO) Operation

Action /Activity:

Action I: Employment
Activity I.II: Promoting Employment and Employability

Title of the Operation:

Labour Market Support Programme for NEETs (NEET PRO) Operation

Operation Number:


Implementation Period:


Operation Beneficiary:

Turkish Employment Agency (İŞKUR)

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Interventions and Estimated Results:

The overall objective of this operation is to improve the employability of women, young and people in need of special policies. The operation has two components, grant component to be implemented 12 months and service component to be implemented 30 months. The total budget of the operation will be € 19.786.000.

Within the grant component of the operation, local grant projects that target NEETs between the age of 15- 29, will be financed.

Within the service component capacity building activities for İŞKUR staff will be carried out along with awareness raising activities for NEETs. Field and on-desk academic research will also be carried out to identify the NEETs and their demographic and social characteristics, trends, the situation and expectations of the labour market.

Current Situation:
(As of June 2020)

•The Operational Agreement entered into force on 02.04.2020 and the first management meeting was held on 18.06.2020.

The procurement process is on-going for service and grant components.

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