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1 July 2020
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2 July 2020

Labour Market Support Programme for NEETs (NEET PRO) Operation

Action /Activity:

Action I: Employment
Activity I.II: Promoting Employment and Employability

Title of the Operation:

Labour Market Support Programme for NEETs (NEET PRO)

Operation Number:


Implementation Period:

30.12.2021 - 29.06.2024

Operation Beneficiary:

Turkish Employment Agency

Website / Social Media Accounts:


Interventions and Estimated Results:

There are three main interventions of the service component:

I: Institutional Capacity Building
II. Awareness-raising activities
III. Scientific and Technical Studies

Expected results are as follows:

I. Capacity of İŞKUR will be improved through trainings, development of IAP and JSA Implementation and Monitoring Model, and study visits.
II. NEETs, their families and relevant stakeholders will be accessed through outreach strategy, communication campaigns and visibility activities.
III. Knowledge on NEETs to contribute policy making will be improved through field research about NEETs and evaluation of grant projects.

By the grant component, it is aimed to increase employability and labour force participation of NEETs by providing comprehensive and holistic active labour market measures.

Current Situation:
(As of April 2022)

The commencement date of the Operation is 30.12.2021. Kick-off meeting was organized on 12.01.2022.

Currently, preparatory studies for Intervention I and III are ongoing.

Preparations for Intervention II are also continuing. Awareness raising activities will start following the finalization of project’s corporate identity.

For detailed information on the grant component, please click here.