Technical Assistance for Promoting Decent Future of Work Approach with a Focus of Gender Equality (EuropeAid/140341/IH/SER/TR) – Contract Notice was published.
10 October 2019
Promoting Decent Future of Work Approach with a Focus of Gender Equality (FoW)
14 October 2019

Increasing the Policy Making Capacity of Directorate General of International Labour Force in the Field of Labour Migration (Migration)

Action /Activity:

Action I. Employment
Activity I.III Supporting Employment Policy-making and Implementation

Title of the Operation:

Increasing the Policy Making Capacity of Directorate General of International Labour Force in the Field of Labour Migration (MIGRATION)

Operation Number:


Implementation Period:

01.04.2021 – 30.09.2023

Operation Beneficiary:

Ministry of Labour and Social Security, Directorate General of International Labour Force (DGILF)

Website / Social Media Accounts:

Instagram & Linkedin:
Username: migration4work

Interventions and Estimated Results:

Service contract was signed on 04.01.2021 and implementation period was initiated on 01.04.2021 with the Kick-off Meeting.

The purpose of this Operation is to improve the policy-making, implementation, monitoring and evaluation capacity of the DGILF and relevant stakeholders in order to enhance labour migration and national employment policies.


Intervention 1.1: Trainings Regarding Labour Migration Policies of EU/EU Member States
Intervention 1.2: Training on policy-making, monitoring and evaluation
Intervention 1.3: Participation by DGILF and social partners in standard training programmes (such as those delivered by ITC-ILO, College of Europe, International Organization for Migration or other international trainings/programmes) regarding labour migration
Intervention 1.4: Full-time consultancy for DGILF regarding policy-making and implementation in the field of labour migration including qualified labour force on a daily basis in order to increase the institutional capacity and to improve policy-making and evaluation capacity
Intervention 2: Awareness-Raising Activities
Intervention 3.1: Assessment of national legislation regarding employment of foreign workers in Türkiye in order to revise current legislation and develop policy options
Intervention 3.2: Impact assessment of practices in the field of international labour force (social security premium support, entrepreneurship support, VET and apprenticeship, etc.)
Intervention 3.3: Impact assessment of labour migration on economic development (Turkish labour market, poverty, etc.)
Intervention 3.4: 7 sectoral studies regarding labour supply and demand for foreign workers and proposals for managing foreign labour force on the basis of sectoral findings
Intervention 3.5: Study on best practices in countries, which have similar migration problems, and on labour migration and integration in EU including on the spot observation by the staff of DGILF in at least two countries
Intervention 3.6: Preparing a glossary on terminology of migration and employment to harmonize use among relevant actors
Intervention 3.7: Preparing a road map including a needs assessment for the establishment of a monitoring system for foreign workers
Intervention 3.8: Projection study regarding possible migration and labour mobility towards and from Türkiye until 2040 with a view to ensure policy responses in advance
Intervention 4.1: Support to Directorate General for International Labour Force for policy-making
Intervention 4.2: International Conference 1
Intervention 4.3: International Conference 2 (also serving as a Closure Conference)

Expected Results:

Result 1: Capacity of the staff of MoLSS and other relevant actors including social partners, NGOs will be increased through trainings and full-time consultancy.
Result 2: Awareness regarding legislation and policies among relevant stakeholders will be raised through campaigns/events
Result 3: Researches/Field Studies/Reports/Impact Assessment, Monitoring & Evaluation Studies, Comparison/ Compliance Tables Regarding EU Acquis/policies will be conducted
Result 4: Cooperation with stakeholders will be increased through workshops, conferences, seminars, twinning/IO agreements, etc. with participation of relevant actors.

Current Situation:
(As of July 2022)

In general, the following activities have been realised as of July 2022:

• Trainings of EU/EU Member States’ Policies on Brain Drain (Module 5) were held on 15-16 February 2022.

• Trainings of EU/EU Member States’ Policies on Qualified Foreign Workers and Entrepreneurs (Module 2) were conducted on 23-25 & 28-30 March 2022.

• 1st Working Group Meeting under Intervention 4.1 (Providing the DGILF with support on policy-making) was held on 3-4 February 2022 as online.

• Working group meetings on qualified foreign labour and foreign direct investments were held with 33 participants on 25-26 May 2022.

• Trainings on labor market integration (Module-1), including gender dimension of immigrants and vulnerable groups (work permit processes, legislation and practices) in EU/EU Member States, were held with 77 participants on 25 May-3 June 2022.

• Trainings on the EU/EU Member States' social security programs for foreign workers and measures against unregistered employment, including the European Social Security Convention and bilateral social security agreements (Module-6) were held on 25-29 July 2022.

• The social media accounts of the project were made ready for use, and the first posts were published as of July 2022.

• The short name and logo of the project have been determined and the preparations for visibility materials still continue.