Increasing School Attendance Rates Especially for Girls (IAREFG-II)
1 January 2016
Growing and Prospering the Entrepreneurship Ecosystem in Ankara to Increase Young Employment Operation (ECOSYSTEM)
1 January 2016

Increasıng School Enrollment Rates Especially For Girls Operation-1


  • Measure 2.1: To raise awareness about the importance of education, and to increase enrolment rates, particularly of women, with a view to developing human resources and entrance into labour market
  • Operation: Increasing School Enrolment Rates Especially For Girls
  • Operation Beneficiary: Ministry of National Education(Operational Agreement signed on 08 October 2009)
  • Total Budget: € 16.2 Million (including national contribution of 15 %)
  • Location: 12 NUTS-II Regions - 43 Provinces and Ankara
  • Components: Service - Supply - Grant
  • Budgets by Components: Service: € 4 Million - Supply: € 730 Thousand - Grant: € 11.5 Million
  • Operation Web Site:



    Specific Objectives:

  • Revising and improving the quality of guidance and counselling services by conducting field researches, delivering trainings, organizing workshops, preparing action plans
  • Improving the current e-school system for monitoring of the enrolment rates
  • Taking necessary measures to prevent drop-outs and absenteeism of especially girls
  • Providing incentives to children and their families to stimulate their willingness to enrol and continue education


    Specific Objectives:

  • Equipping schools in pilot provinces of the Operation in line with their specific physical requirements

  • The equipment to be supplied in this scope is organised under 5 lots:
    -Lot 1: IT Equipment
    -Lot 3: White Goods
    -Lot 5: Food Technology Equipment
    -Lot 6: Cosmetics and Hair Care Services Equipment
    -Lot 7: Food and Beverages Services Equipment


    Specific Objectives:

  • Detection of girls have who dropped out or are at risk of dropping out education in secondary education
  • Searching for reasons at local level for drop-outs and absenteeism via field studies
  • Conducting visits and meetings with families with a view to convince parents for enrolling their children
  • Providing trainings and compensation courses for girls who have dropped out
  • Promoting awareness-raising activities for parents on the importance of education especially for girls, with the participation of local administrations, NGOs and the media.

  • Number of Supported Projects: 89

    Period of Implementation: December 2010-December 2012