Provision of Career Services through Multi-Stakeholder Partnership Model (CAREER)
1 January 2016
Increasıng School Enrollment Rates Especially For Girls Operation-1
1 January 2016

Increasing School Attendance Rates Especially for Girls (IAREFG-II)

Measure 2.1.
Operation Name Increasing School Attendance Rates Especially for Girls (IAREFG-II)
Implementation Period 23.03.2015 -22.05.2017
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Beneficiary Institution Ministry of National Education
Components and Budgets Service: € 4.578.239
Supply: € 2.569.698
Grant: € 7.682.240
Aim of Operation and Outputs

This operation, which is the continuation of the first operation, consists of supply, service (technical assistance) and grant components.

The purpose of the operation is to increase the enrolment rates at all levels of education, particularly for girls in secondary education (especially VET), and to decrease drop out and long-term absence rates.

Under Technical Assistance Project the following indicators were reached:

-A 2-days workshops was organized for the design of VET and vocational guidance in Ankara with 48 people.

-Opening ceremonies of 13 newly decorated pilot school dormitories were realized and 4.411 people attended these ceremonies.

-School festivals were held in the selected schools of 14 provinces with the participation of 6.000 people.

-A 2-days workshop to develop the MoNE information systems e-module was organized.

-A training programme on following 4 topics was conducted in 15 provinces with the participation of 4.068 civil servants and 4.706 teachers of regional dormitory schools (police, health services, muhtars etc.): gender mainstreaming, communication skills, promoting girls education, conflict management, active learning and teachers as role models.

-A training programme on the aforementioned topics were organized in 15 provinces with the participation of 3.163 staff of Counselling and Research Centres, Vocational Education Centres, Public Education Centres, Multi-Purpose Community Centres and NGOs.

-A training programme on the aforementioned 4 topics was organized in 15 provinces with the participation of 6.579 newly appointed teachers.

-A training programme was organized in Ankara for members of Provincial Project Committee with 100 participants.

-32 VET training sessions were delivered to parents and students in 15 provinces with 3.246 participants.

-A teachers’ training programme on vocational and psychological counselling was implemented in 15 provinces with 5.703 participants.

-30 information meetings on VET and role model were organized for parents and students with the participation of 2.790 people.

-Provincial Visit Teams were established within the scope of the Operation. A 3-days training programme was organized in 15 provinces for the Provincial Visit Teams with the participation of 1.512 people.

-10.558 parents of girls who have dropped out from school were informed by the Provincial Visit Teams through 9.295 family visits and a survey was conducted with the participation of these parents. Furthermore, 8th grade students visits were carried out by these teams. In these visits, 12.777 students were reached and surveyed. As a result, policy reports on the findings of the surveys were completed after the analysis of the surveys’ data.

-A desktop research on findings of IEREFG-I Operation was carried out and round table focus groups were realized in 15 provinces.

-Consolidated Provincial Action Plan was prepared and submitted to MoNE for approval on 30th January 2017 after being discussed with the provincial teams in Ankara.

46 contracts were signed within the scope of the grant component and 6 of them were terminated before completion for various reasons. The remaining 40 projects were completed in November 2016.

Within the scope of grant component:

-1.341 stakeholders and 4.533 NGO members were trained in the grant projects.

-5.250 educational staff participated in training programmes on vocational guidance services.

-2.877 staff were trained on how to increase the awareness of parents and students.

-15.153 parents were trained and 15.990 families were visited at their homes to persuade to send their daughters to school.

-23.555 students benefited from awareness raising services provided by the grant projects.

-21.456 students were informed about technical and vocational education.

-143 protocols were signed within the scope of the grant projects to increase the enrolment rates of girls.

-21 Action Plans were prepared.

-112 secondary vocational schools and 28 dormitories were equipped through the activities organized in the grant projects.

-140 schools/dormitories were equipped under the grant scheme.

-1.649 girls were accessed to secondary education as a result of the grant scheme.

In terms of supply component, with the purchase of 9 lots contracted in September 2014, the partial equipment of 13 pilot schools in 8 provinces was carried out. As of November 2016, the final acceptance stage for all lots was completed and the projects were terminated.