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13 September 2019
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25 September 2019

Improving the Quality of Vocational Education and Training Through Establishment of Sectoral Centres of Excellence Operation (IQVETIII)

Action /Activity:

Action II. Education and Training
Activity II.I. Improving the Quality of Education and Training

Title of the Operation:

Improving the Quality of Vocational Education and Training Through Establishment of Sectoral Centres of Excellence Operation (IQVETIII)

Operation Number:


Implementation Period:

Service component: 01.03.2021-29.02.2024
Grant component: 01.02.2022-31.07.2023

Operation Beneficiary:

Directorate General of Vocational and Technical Education (DG VET) in the Ministry of National Education (MoNE)

Website / Social Media Accounts:

Interventions and Estimated Results:

The IQVET III Operation, which is implemented as a continuation of IQVET I and IQVET II Operations within the scope of the Human Resources Development Operational Programme (HRD OP), is composed of 36-months service (technical assistance), 3-months supply and 18-months grant components.

The Operation aims to:

•provide activities on capacity-building for MoNE and its stakeholders, establishment and improvement of Sectoral Excellence Centres, and implementing awareness-raising activities under the service contract;
• support the Sectoral Excellence Centers with equipment and materials by the supply component,
• to implement support projects developed by grant beneficiaries under grant component.

Current Situation:

Under the service component:

The service contract was signed on 23 December 2020.

The contract was commenced on 1 March 2021. Opening event was held on 28 October 2021 with the participation of representatives from relevant public institutions and stakeholders.

Intervention 1 addresses the improvement and strengthening of the quality assurance system in VET, including through the development and dissemination of quality mechanisms and tools. In support of this, the Core Workgroup was established and this workgroup received trainings via the initial five-day training workshop. In support of their work, models for Quality Assurance System (QAS) were developed and refined during two workshops. Also, a five-days training in Italy was organized with the members of this group. Working guidelines for the national Quality Consultation Board were developed and the first meeting of this body was held. Quality monitoring tools (the self-assessment mechanism used in VET schools) were analysed, a report was produced and it was used as the basis for their subsequent revision.

Intervention 2 addresses the training of 3000 teachers in pilot schools, in professional competences of their respective sectors. Under the scope of preparation for the training, the requirements about special field competences will be revised and then a training needs analysis will be realised. The revision of competencies was completed and the preliminary results were reported. Preliminary identification of training providers took place, proposed programmes were developed, and first cohort of participants started to attend the trainings.

Intervention 3 supports the establishment of Sectoral Centres of Excellence, through capacity building including training and study visits. The SCoEs were identified, activity has substantially progressed on the identification of different models, which may inform the development of the final model, including organisational structure, working guidelines and personnel requirements. Investigations of potential study visit venues (both for Beneficiary decision makers and for SCoE personnel) have taken place, and a tentative programme was agreed upon.

Intervention 10 will result in the development and distribution of communication toolkits, comprised of media and tools developed for the promotion of vocational and technical education. The first stage of this was the use of an extensive survey of both private and public sector organisations, to develop a broad and contemporary understanding of the image and perceptions of VET, including of its benefits and attraction for students and employers, its quality and potential for improvement. The analysis of survey results was used in a workshop during which the relevant parties were consulted with. This consultation will be used to make a decision on which media and communication tools should be used to promote awareness of VET.

Under grant component:

Implementation of 18 grant contracts started on 01.02.2022. Management of Grant Projects Training was delivered between 16-18.02.2022 (for 2.5 Days). MoNE signed protocols with the grant beneficiaries for sustainability of the activities. Procurement trainings will be held for grant beneficiaries on 16-17 May 2022.

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