Facilitating Access of Disadvantaged Higher Education Students to Labor Market Including Scholarship Support DEZODES
1 January 2017
Increasing the Employability of People with Disabilities (DISABLED)
1 January 2017

Improving the Quality of Vocational Education and Training in Turkey II Operation (IQVET-II)

Measure 2.2.
Operation Name Improving the Quality of Vocational Education and Training in Turkey II Operation (IQVET-II)
Implementation Period 2014 July–2015 Dec.
Web Address https://mistik.ikg.gov.tr/openform/Projeler.aspx?ProgramKOD=IQVETII
Beneficiary Institution Ministry of National Education
Components and Budgets Grant: 14.400.000
Aim of Operation and Outputs

The grant component, 70 contracts signed with grant beneficiaries in July 2014. Following the signature of grant contracts under Improving the Quality of Vocational Education and Training in Turkey-II Operation, the Monitoring Experts started to realize “monitoring visits”, checked the data entered to Grant Monitoring Information System (MISTIK) by the final beneficiaries, answered the questions of final beneficiaries to ensure a smooth implementation and monitoring process. Three technical monitoring visits and two on-the-spot visits to each of 70 grant projects were conducted by the CA.

In the implementation period, two grant projects were cancelled. The first project was “Preparation of English Aviation Jargon (J) and Terminologies (T) Learning Materials” numbered 558 from the province of Erzincan and the second one was “Improving Medicinal and Aromatic Plants Education in Turkey” numbered 572 from Kilis.

On 31.08.2015, implementation period of 68 grant contracts was completed. The final reports were submitted to the CA by the grant beneficiaries in October 2015. Under the project activities, 7762 VET teachers, master trainers, counsellors and school managers were trained, 314 modular programs in secondary and post-secondary vocational schools were developed, revised and implemented, 234 vocational training courses curricula, modular programs and relevant e-learning materials in cooperation with relevant sector representatives were developed, revised and implemented, 404 secondary and post-secondary VET schools (Universities) were improved their capacity, 10265 students were provided with vocational and career guidance services, 2121 education tools such as multimedia and e-learning material were developed and implemented for VET, 255 partnership protocols between vocational institutions, social partners and the private sector were issued.