Increasing the Quality of Special Education Services for Inclusive Education (IQSES)
18 July 2019
Promoting Youth Employment in TRC3 Region (PYETRC3)
18 July 2019

Improving Occupational Health and Safety Especially in Mining Sector (OHSMS)

Action /Activity:

Action I: Employment
Activity I.I: Promoting Decent Work

Title of the Operation:

Improving Occupational Health and Safety Especially in Mining Sector

Operation Number:


Implementation Period:

21.11.2019 - 20.11.2022 (Service Component)
01.02.2020 - 18.11.2022 (Direct Grant Component)

Operation Beneficiary:

Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Services (MoFLSS)
Dırectorate General Of Occupational Health And Safety (DG OHS)

Website / Social Media Accounts:

Interventions and Estimated Results:

The operation (OHSMS) designed under Education and Social Policies Sectoral Operational Programme (EESP SOP), has 36-months service (Technical Assistance) 30-months direct grant and 18–months grant components. The operation aims to:

Direct Grant component with a budget of 7.620.342 Euro aims to improve competency of target groups by services,training activities and capacity building activities to increase the coordination between mining related institutions, universities, governmental bodies and NGOs and building a safety culture nationwide by means of awareness raising activities to reach the society.

Service component with a budget of 3.937.768 Euro aims to improve occupational health and safety conditions in Turkey especially for mining sector providing through technical consultancy for employers and employees also to increase the capacity of workplaces about OHS applications and raising public awareness towards OHS.

Grant component with a budget of 6.000.000 Euro aims to enhance and improve work and OHS conditions in very hazardous workplaces in cooperation with relevant institutions and improve the capabilities of employees on OHS through implemantation of 44 projects.

Current Situation:
(As of November 2020)

Direct Grant Component;

The project implementation process started on 01.02.2020. In the first month of the project, project personnel were announced to be recruited. The announcement period ended on 10.03.2020. Currently, the administrative and technical evaluation process of the application forms of the project team employees to be recruited continues.

Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, the project has been suspended for 3 months on 07.05.2020. This component resumed on 25.08.2020.

Service Component;

The service contract has been signed on 27.09.2019.

With the kick-off meeting held on 21.11.2019, the project implementation process started.

1st Steering Committee Meeting held on 27.05.2020.

Grant Component;

In the grant program component, concept notes have been received until 04/03/2019 (which is the deadline for application). Full application forms have been received until 11.11.2019. The process for evaluation of proposals and project selection is ongoing.

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