Supporting Registered Employment of Women through Institutional Childcare Services (INST-CARE)
17 July 2019
Increasing the Quality of Special Education Services for Inclusive Education (IQSES)
18 July 2019

Improving Job and Vocational Counselling Services (IQJVC)

Action /Activity:

Action I. -Employment
Activity I.III –Supporting Employment Policy-making and Implementation

Title of the Operation:

Improving Job and Vocational Counselling Services (IQJVC)

Number of the Operation:


Operation Beneficiary:

Turkish Employment Agency - ISKUR

Interventions and Estimated Results:

IQJVC Operation will be composed only service component with the duration of 36 months.

Within the scope of service component with the budget of 5.8 million Euros,
* Trainings for central level staff and local level staff of ISKUR will be performed (5000 staff).Trainings for developed IT systems, applications and models will be made and development of vocational orientation tests and online applications. Technical consultation on JVC work process will be given.
* ISKUR’S communication strategy and visibility activities will be improved. Films on ISKUR’s services and vocations will be prepared. Carrier EXPO organisations (5 organisations) promotion materials will be prepared. Fictive characters will be invented. An employment policy congress will be performed. (15.000 people will be subject of awareness raising activities)
* A study on inclusive service delivery models for disadvantaged groups will be prepared (6 reports). A research on effective cooperation mechanisms (3 gap analysis report). Institutional needs analysis for ISKUR and evaluation on ISKUR employment fairs and carrier days will be made. Development of forecasting model for sectors and vocations and international mutual exchange programmes will be arranged. Online database memberships will be gained.
* Cooperation with universities and signing prothocols will be made (4 workshops). Cooperation with private employment agencies and NGO’s will be made by 3 workshops.

Current Situation:

*Operational Agreement of IQJVC entered into force on 14.03.2019 and the first management meeting will be held on 23.05.2019.
*Prior Information Notice of Service contract published on 15.02.2019. The application process has been completed as of 19.08.2019 and the evaluation process is ongoing. For the detailed information please click here.