Selection Exam Announcement for Contracted Personnel
15 December 2016
Employment and Social Support Services Coordination and Implementation Model for the Integration of Disadvantaged Persons Operation (SIMM)
1 January 2017

Facilitating Access of Disadvantaged Higher Education Students to Labor Market Including Scholarship Support DEZODES

Measure 4.1.
Title of the Operation Facilitating Access of Higher Education Students into Labour Market
Implementation Period 14.01.2016 - 13.07.2017
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Beneficiary Credit and Hostels Institution
Compenent(s) of the Operation and Budget Individual Grant € 35.000.000
Service € 1.950.000
Operation Purpose and Results

The overall objective of the operation is to increase the employability of disadvantaged persons, to facilitate their access to the labour market by providing them scholarships and to increase their access to public employment services, especially in order to reduce the intergenerational transmission of poverty by supporting achievement of students coming from groups in poverty or at risk of poverty.

Within the scope of facilitating access to disadvantaged higher education students through scholarships project, approximately 35 million euros were transferred to the Credit and Dormitories Institution, and 38.400 students received scholarships in 2012-2013 and 2014-2015 academic years.

Additionally, within the scope of the technical assistance project, Youth Panel was organized with the participation of 270 people from universities and related institutions in order to discuss the challenges of young people's career planning. A 2-day stakeholder workshop was held with the participation of 37 people to share their views and ideas with the KYK, and a career guidance booklet was prepared. 7 regional workshops were held with 481 participants in close cooperation with the DG CHI and universities, and 8 student information sessions were organized at the universities with the participation of 3,757 students;

A total of 1470 KYK and university staff participated in the training programs and workshops facilitating access to employment services for senior students, principles of project management, effective use of IT tools, etc. for better communication with disadvantaged.

In addition, around 150 dormitory standards have been revised according to quality standards, and about 10 new service standards have been developed for the credit department, and a handbook on how to improve and update future standards have been developed.