Facilitating Access of Disadvantaged Higher Education Students to Labor Market Including Scholarship Support DEZODES
1 January 2017
Increasing the Employability of People with Disabilities (DISABLED)
1 January 2017

Employment and Social Support Services Coordination and Implementation Model for the Integration of Disadvantaged Persons Operation (SIMM)

Measure 4.1.
Operation Name Employment and Social Support Services Coordination and Implementation Model for the Integration of Disadvantaged Persons Operation (SIMM)
Implementation Period 19.08.2014-18.11.2016
Web Address https://tr-tr.facebook.com/ISKEPROJESI
Beneficiary Institution Union of Municipalities of Turkey
Components and Budgets Technical Assistance: € 5.999.000
Supply: € 1.500.000
Aim of Operation and Outputs

The purpose of the Operation is to contribute sustainable integration of the disadvantaged persons into the labour market by establishing a model for coordination and implementation of employment and social support services within the target Municipalities under supervision and guidance of Union of Municipalities of Turkey.

12 municipalities were selected for the service model developed for the social integration of disadvantaged people. These are; Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, Diyarbakir Metropolitan Municipality, Kahramanmaras Municipality, Municipality of Kars, Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality, Sanliurfa Municipality, Trabzon Municipality, Van Municipality, Ankara Altindag Municipality, Mersin Toroslar Municipality, Bursa Yildirim Municipality and Ankara Kecioren Municipality.

Within the scope of Technical Assistance Project:

-2 Study visits to the EU Member States with 51 participants were organized and conducted.

-22 monthly work-plans and monthly reports in total 528 for SSSEGUs were prepared.

-A database of institutional structures (service providers) and Beneficiary Tracking System were developed and implemented. Furthermore, service providers were registered to Beneficiary Tracking System.

-12 field surveys in the pilot provinces were completed and reported.

-8.249 disadvantaged persons were registered in the project database.

-A total of 4.444 registered disadvantaged persons (53,8 %) became employable at the end of the Operation.

-12 tailor-made recommendation papers on social inclusion mainstreaming in the Municipality strategic plans have been prepared and discussed with the management of the Municipalities and SSSEGUs.

-2 local level workshops of one day in each province to discuss and verify the local labour market needs were organised and 848 participants attended these workshops.

-1.103 disadvantaged persons registered to the system participated in İŞKUR and the MoNE vocational and technical training/orientation programmes.

-3 one-day workshops on Community Work Programme, LLL and ALMPs were organised with the participation of 1.080 disadvantaged people.

-LLL IT and Communication basic training programmes were conducted with the participation of 2.077 disadvantaged people.

-Employment-oriented vocational training courses in co-operation with local organisations were developed, conducted, evaluated with the participation of 420 disadvantaged people.

-Start Your Business training programme was developed, conducted, evaluated with the participation of 280 disadvantaged people.

-Individual guidance services were provided to 8.249 disadvantaged people and group guidance was provided to 563 disadvantaged people.

-2 communication network meetings were conducted with the participation of 93 participants.

-Beneficiary Tracking System was developed and implemented. Training of the SSSEGU and Municipality personnel on the use of the system was conducted with 255 staff.

-A workshop for the finalisation of the recommendation papers was organised with 26 participants.

-48 meetings were held to eliminate prejudices against the disadvantaged with 5.437 people.

-216 Informative and Awareness Raising Meetings were organised with 6.582 participants.

-2 national campaigns were implemented to eliminate prejudices against the disadvantaged conducted.

-48 local media seminars, 22 local press conferences and 3 national press conferences were carried out with 1.891 participants.

-72 informative seminars on social integration of disadvantaged persons were organized with 3606 participants.

-4 national level experience sharing meetings were conducted with 244 participants.

-Operation and Closing Launch Events were held with 324 participants.

-In total, approximately 18.534 persons participated in the awareness-raising conferences, seminars and meetings.

-A range of promotional and awareness-raising materials including TV spots were produced and disseminated within the scope of the project.

-A total number of 363 disadvantaged persons have found a job during the participation in İSKEP activities.

Within the scope of supply projects in 6 lots Social Services Support and Employment Guidance Units established with 12 pilots were provided with products such as IT, furniture, white goods, disabled equipment and security systems.