Burak Çağatay DOĞAN
Acting Director of EU and Financial Assistance

Burak Çağatay Doğan was born in 1978 in İstanbul. He graduated from Cağaloğlu Anatolian High School (7 years of German-medium education) and from Uludağ University, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Department of International Relations. He fulfilled his master’s degree at England/Sheffield University, Department of Global Social Policy. He has started his Doctorate at Gazi University, Institute of Social Sciences, Department of Labour Economy and Industrial Relations as a special student.

Following his military service as a reserve officer at Turkish Naval Forces, Directorate of General Plans and Policies, he embarked on his career at public institutions in the Ministry of Labour and Social Security, Training and Research Centre for Labour and Social Security (ÇASGEM) as an assistant expert. He performed several duties as a procurement manager, coordinator and expert in public institutions such as Undersecretariat of Treasury, Central Finance and Contracting Unit; Ministry of Labour and Social Security, Directorate of European Union and Financial Assistance; Ministry for EU Affairs, Centre for European Union Education and Youth Programmes as well as Turkish National Agency.

In 2012, he was assigned to General Directorate of Press and Information as Press and Information Expert and worked as a task force member within G-20 period. Moreover, he participated particularly in foreign aid negotiations conducted with EU throughout Syrian Crisis period as a consultant in Principal Consultancy for Immigration and Humanitarian Aid.

He has been working at the Ministry of Labour and Social Security, Directorate of EU and Financial Assistance as the Acting Director since March 2016.

Burak Çağatay Doğan, who specializes in foreign aids, fund management, EU affairs, IPA, global social policies and international organizations, has performed various activities and high-level visits in such countries as Italy, Denmark, Germany, England, Norway and Belgium.

He is married with 2 children and has an excellent command of English and German.